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The IT that Matters to the CEO

To keep up in the marketplace today, an organization must do more than rely on the same management, production and distribution methods it has always used…

Use GroupWise? Here’s a chance to win $100.

If you are a GroupWise user, we want to hear from you.  We are interested in knowing about your upgrade plans.  Take this tiny survey (5 questions!) and we’ll enter you in a drawing for: One $100 Amazon Gift Card Ten $10 Amazon Gift Cards Take the survey now.  Good luck!

Chance for easy $100 for OES users

If you use OES or NetWare, we want to hear from you. Answer ten easy questions and you could win a $100 Amazon gift card or ten $10 Amazon cards. Piece of cake.

Why It’s Time to Upgrade to GroupWise 2014…

GroupWise has always been known for bringing enterprise users the very best in collaboration and productivity tools. GroupWise 2014 continues that legacy…

GroupWise Resource Archive – May 2014

Haven’t caught up yet with the GroupWise 2014 discussions? Use the free GroupWise Resource Archive to research discussions between GroupWise administrators, partners and consultants.

Innovation Has Left the (Enterprise) Building

Once, the workplace had technology homeowners could only dream of. Now you might as well stay at home …

Dropbox and Box Users Unintentionally Leaking Data

Dropbox and Box keep leaking data … is that a problem?  You tell us…

Using Novell Filr to Help Manage Your Expenses

I was getting tired of being tied to my desk when doing my expenses and wanted a more portable solution anyways.  I decided I’d try to make use of Novell Filr as it’d be a good use-case/example for others who might be interested in doing the same.

Windows Shell Scripts in ZENworks

This is probably nothing to most but may be helpful to someone else who also is/was struggling.

Import users from CSV to GroupWise 2014

Here is a utility that will take a CSV file and create GroupWise users in a GW 2014 system.   It will create the users as GroupWise only users, meaning they will not be associated to either a eDirectory or Active Directory account.

Import users from Active Directory to GroupWise 2014

GroupWise 2014 now supports ties to Active Directory,  meaning that the GroupWise users can be associated to Active Directory accounts.

Novell Service Desk – Creating custom reports using ZENworks Reporting 5 (ZR5)

The intent of this cool solution is to provide you with Novell Service Desk Reporting package (domain) and provide few basic steps for using ZENworks Reporting 5 (ZR5) for creating customized reports outside of the service desk product.

How to Print from Microsoft Office for iOS – Part II

Microsoft now lets you print directly from within Office for iOS. In the first part, of this now series of articles, we showed you how you could use two different methods to print: Email and Open-In. With this latest update, you can now use the third method of mobile printing supported by iPrint and that is Apple’s AirPrint.

Empty Vaults: When Enterprise Data isn’t on the Network

Your corporate network is secure and reliable; the problem is that your data isn’t getting there…

Print, Siri!

If you are wondering, or if your users have asked, how to print Office for iOS documents, here are two ways you can use Novell iPrint to solve your problem.

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