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Block GWIA Intruders at the Firewall Before They Lockout Your Users

I have certain users who only use IMAP clients for their email. One of the GroupWise components I have to facilitate this is a standalone GWIA running as a SMTP submission service on encrypted port 587 and this has worked well for many years. I have always required that users log in to SMTP before …

GroupWise Resource Archive – February 2016

Crikey! Time seems to be flying already during 2016 so don’t forget to take advantage of the GroupWise Community discussions in the February release of the free GroupWise Resource Archive, which enables easy research of discussions between GroupWise administrators, partners and consultants. Use the high speed text search capabilities to discover invaluable guidance within topics ranging from …

How to Migrate the ZENworks Oracle Database to a New Oracle Database Server

This document explains how to migrate a ZENworks Oracle database to a new installation of the Oracle database server. Scenario You might want to migrate to another Oracle database server in the following scenarios: A higher capacity server is required for better performance due to the increase in the database load. A newer version of …

Micro Focus iPrint 2.0 Coming Soon and What to Expect

In the next month or so, we will be releasing a new version of iPrint => introducing WalkUp Printing and AirPrint support with iPrint 2.0. Here is a short list of the new enhancements you can expect for this release: Apple AirPrint ™ certified: iPrint Appliance 2.0 will be AirPrint certified (iOS and OS X …

Configuring Additional Swap Space on ZENworks Appliance

Problem On the appliance server, by default the swap file system is configured with 2 GB. If the server configuration is of 8 GB RAM or above, it is good to have swap space that should be the same or double the RAM size of the device. It is recommended to double the swap space …

Vibe Collaboration Community Technical Webinar Recording Available

Today we delivered another great webinar in the Collaboration Community Technical webinar series. Robin Redgrave who is a Senior Technical Specialist for collaboration products did a phenomenal job. Today’s topic was “Create simple workflows and forms in Vibe.”

SharePoint 2013 as a NetFolder with Novell Filr 2.0

Novell Filr 2.0 supports adding SharePoint document libraries as Net Folders allowing users to access their files from any of the Filr clients. Overview of implementation and features…

New #ZENworks Community Technical Webinar Recordings available!

We had a great session this morning on Troubleshooting ZENworks Patch Management. Susan Perrin from our NTS group and Chris Seiler from Engineering did a great job. I’m pleased to announce that the recording of this session is now available here.

Deploy NetApp Filer Simulator and use it with Novell Filr

This article explains how to deploy and configure NetApp Filer Simulator and use it with Novell Filr.

Missing some cool pet features? Micro Focus GroupWise has it.

When it comes to email software solutions, we all have our “pet” features that keep us from migrating to other solutions. Case in point: We’ve noticed those on GroupWise seem to care a lot about two unique features that most email clients lack: Silent Email Retraction One of the most common features customers new to Micro …

Customer Care, solving your problems

Hi All Mike Radford, Director of Customer Care again, We have posted many new videos that will help you enjoy, use, and manage the software you have purchased from us. Go check out the content, and let us know if it is helping.

Upgrading ZENworks agent to 11.4 and later in Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Environment using newer reconciliation settings

This document will enable you to upgrade a Citrix VDI image managed by ZENworks from earlier supported versions to ZENworks 11 SP4 using the registration key based reconciliation settings.

Filr 2.0 Coming Soon and What to Expect

Next week we will be releasing a new version of Filr. Here is a preview of some of the changes you can expect to see in Filr 2.0: Files on Demand: With Files on Demand Desktop Clients, you don’t need to download all of your files from the Filr server. Instead, you can download only …

New Customer Care Videos Posted

Hi All from Customer Care! We have produced and released several more videos that should help you utilize our products more successfully. Take a look and please leave us feedback. We are striving to make your use of our Software easier. Check them out…

Scripts to prepare and upload pictures to GroupWise 2014 R2

GroupWise 2014 R2 brought us pictures in system address book. Here’s a tool (for SLES 11 SP3) to prepare the pictures, imports them into eDirectory and trigger GroupWise to read the picture from eDirectory. Submodules to just prepare or trigger GroupWise to import from eDirectory can be used to.

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