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For Your Eyes Only – Introducing iPrint Appliance 2.0 with WalkUp Printing

How many times have you raced to the printer to grab that confidential printout before anyone else could see it? Now imagine if the print job would wait for you to be present near any printer, and even await your command to release the printout. Would that be wonderful? With WalkUp printing, part of the upcoming iPrint Appliance 2.0 release, this will be a reality.

Ideas Works!

In June we introduced the Ideas portal to the community. Ideas is our new way of managing enhancement request for our different product lines. If you missed the announcement please check it out here, if you haven’t participated yet please come take a look at the Ideas portals for GroupWise & Vibe.

Experience Hassle-Free Flexible Workplace Productivity — Micro Focus GroupWise 2014

Flexible workplace productivity solutions are in high demand these days. Just about every end user covets the ability to access documents and applications where they want, when they want, on the device they want. The problem, however, is that it’s not easy to deliver flexible workplace productivity solutions that are reliable and easy to manage…

Perform Accounting Using iPrint and Equitrac

This document explains how to configure Equitrac accounting solution on Open Enterprise Server or iPrint Appliance for iPrint printers. iPrint Printers: The print jobs are sent to the iPrint print server and then to physical printer.

Perform Accounting Using iPrint and PaperCut

This document explains how to configure PaperCut accounting solution on Open Enterprise Server or iPrint Appliance for iPrint Printers and iPrint Direct Printers. iPrint Printers: The print jobs are sent to the iPrint print server and then to physical printer…

Up to Date With the New PCI DSS 3.1 Standard?

In case you missed the announcement back in April, the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) released a new version of its PCI Data Security Standards (PCI DSS v.3.1). The new PCI DSS standard affects all merchants that process or possess cardholder information…

ZENworks 11 SP4 is out, but where is new Reporting Engine?

Many of you are probably asking this question. We did answered this as part of 11 SP4 read me, but it seems a majority of people missed out on it. So here is what happened. During beta testing of ZENworks Reporting 5.6 we encountered few issues. Unfortunately, they took a little longer to fix than …

Another Idea implemented!

Good news from sprint demo day! Today I saw a small, but powerful enhancement that we’ve managed to get into the 11.4.1 code base. This idea comes from…

How to install GWAVA in OES 11 cluster and configure an MTA Scanner for GroupWise 2012. Step by step.

Step by step instructions on how to install GWAVA in OES 11 cluster and configure an MTA Scanner for GroupWise 2012.

NetWare script for checking certificates in the pure-NetWare environment

NetWare servers are still running in customer data centers. Usually they need minimum maintenance effort so people forget watching for expiring certificates. As a result one day some services stop working…

Monitoring iPrint printer queues with Icinga2

dbenjamin shares a new plugin to use with Icinga2, that will monitor iPrint printer queues.

What would you like to learn about ZENworks?

For many years I have heard from a number of you that you need more training, but that you don’t have dollars to spend on it. In an attempt to better enable you to get the most out of your ZENworks products we are currently investigating a number of potential ways of getting you the information you …

Files Matter – Introducing Filr 2.0 with “Files on Demand”

Why download all your files to your PC/Laptop when you can download only what’s needed and when it’s needed? One of the key features the Filr team is working on for the upcoming Filr 2.0 release is “Files on Demand.” With Files on Demand, you don’t need to download all your files to which you …

The other side of BYOD | IT Service Management

Analysts estimate that by 2020, 85% of organizations shall have some sort of BYOD program. There are several arguments how embracing BYOD in an organization benefits both end users and IT in several ways starting from lowering costs to better end user satisfaction and better productivity. With BYOD gaining traction, end users/customers expect the service …

Product Management Favorite New GroupWise Solutions – Quick Responses

Who else besides me often finds themselves buried in emails, trying to catch up and be responsive to every request, question, action etc? That you receive in your inbox? In a lot of cases someone just needs a response of approval or alignment, if you are in favor or against something, like or dislike or …

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