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The Future of Novell Collaboration

Rick Carlson, Senior Director of Product Management breaks down the future of Novell’s collaboration offerings. Take a look now …

The GroupWise Blog – Same Insight, Same Passion, New Voices

GroupWise is bigger than any one person, and the GroupWise Blog will still be your space to hear all the latest and greatest news about GroupWise, and have your voice be heard in return. Dean may have been its Master of Ceremonies, but in many ways the GWBlog has always belonged to you — our partners, users, administrators, and customers.

Take the Hassle out of Patch Management with Automation

Trying to keep data assets and software safe online is like trying to keep water out of a sinking boat. Just like water will penetrate even the smallest crack of a boat, malware will easily enter into a system that is not properly equipped with the right security measures.


ENGL Z-Remote is a standalone remote management tool for ZENworks 11 Configuration Management. Z-Remote is designed for help desk technicians who need to remote manage devices quickly and efficiently without requiring access to ZENworks Control Center.

Are Your IT Assets Spiraling Out of Control?

You’ve spent the last few years piecing together your network—making for a hodgepodge of assets. Now, you have a mix of hardware and software from a variety of different vendors, and no way of knowing what’s being used…

Novell Endpoint Management: Your File Sharing Enforcer

By now most of the IT world understands the issues with uncontrolled file sharing, and more than one Novell blog post has discussed those problems. Most organizations would like their employees to avoid using free, unsecure applications such as cloud file sharing. And yet most people are using those apps anyway.

Want to Give Your IT Department Superpowers? Try Virtualizing Your Apps

Is your IT department jumping through hoops trying to make sure all of your distributed end users have access to essential applications and services? Your IT team members may be talented, but they’re not superheroes.

The Many Definitions of Mobility

If there’s one thing the IT world is agreed on, it is that mobility is important. Yet every IT vendor seems to have a different take on mobility. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways of defining it and what each of them means.

BrainShare: The Next Generation

 How do you introduce the power of Novell to start building the next generation of fans … let us help you with a new promo for BrainShare 2014…

Yashwanth Bellur explains how to enable HTTPS protocol on Novell Service Desk.

CoolTool: GroupWise System Worksheets, LibreOffice Template

GroupWise Domain Worksheets template for LibreOffice. I always thought it would be nice to have the worksheets in a template form, now I have them and so can you.

CoolTool: Filr backup

restori shares two scripts to collect data and store them in a remote server, where backups are configured and active.

Consultants Corner: Quick Tip: Tuning Tips for SLES11 on VMWare running GroupWise

Many times I am asked for tuning tips/tricks for running GroupWise on SLES11 in a VMWare environment. But as I think about the wording, really there is little tuning I do for GroupWise on any Operating System. More likely, I will tune the operating system for VMWare.

Consultants Corner: Preparation for upgrade to GroupWise 2014

This article will give you an example of proper eDirectory User Synchronization. I will address two different activities/features in GroupWise. LDAP Servers and eDirectory User Synchronization. GroupWise running on Linux with no eDirectory, requires an LDAP server set up, pointing to an eDirectory replica server.

Turning Data Breaches into Positives

Unlike many tech issues, data breaches are not something we’re going to solve one day…

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