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Replace images in the Novell Messenger Client

If you wish to offer a corporate image in the Novell Messenger system and replace the existing image on the main screen of the Novell client Messenger, you can use this procedure.

The Top Five Ways Using an On-Premises File Sharing Solution is Easier

The Dead Weight Holding Back Your Network

Do you really know what is on your servers? Take a look at what may be holding your corporate servers back…

GroupWise 2014 SHIPS!

Novell is thrilled to announce the shipment and immediate availability of GroupWise 2014 for all customers and partners.   All customers who are current on their GroupWise maintenance are entitled to this significant upgrade and its related entitlements.

Consultant’s Corner: GroupWise 2014 Administration Console – Part 2

I think we all are ready for a weather change for sure and most importantly a GroupWise change. Enter GroupWise 2014 and more specifically, the GroupWise Administration Console (GAC).

Introducing Novell GroupWisr!

Novell is thrilled to announce its newest and greatest innovation; Novell GroupWisr! Take a look at all the latest features. Oh … and Happy April Fools!

Loading Java Applets in Vibe

A recent Java release (1.7.0_51) has caused a Security Exception error to show up indicating that certain permissions were missing to load Java Applets in Vibe.

BYOD: What’s Solved, What’s Not

We know you’re sick of hearing the term BYOD. Everyone in IT is. But that doesn’t mean everyone in IT has solved all the problems …

How Much Should IT Vendors Help with Migrations?

Is it an IT vendor’s responsibility to help customers move from old systems to new ones? Let’s discuss…

Novell iPrint Appliance 1.1 – register for beta program

Novell iPrint team is getting ready for making  printing even more simpler and more fun with our upcoming release of Novell iPrint Appliance 1.1.  Sign up now to become a beta tester.

Filr Desktop Client update now available

At Novell, we know that providing users access to the files they need has to be easy. Sharing those files should also be simple and secure to enhance productivity and keep you (IT) in control of what files are shared and with whom. Filr enhances  these abilities and more with the new Desktop 1.0.2 client, available now.

Containerization with the End-User in Mind

When you consider the risks that employee-owned devices and applications present to enterprise data, it’s not surprising that companies are looking into enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions such as containerization…

Windows XP Support in ZENworks

As you might expect we are trying to determine how long we need to support Windows XP in ZENworks. I would like to understand from you when you plan to been completely off of Windows XP.

CoolTool: Updated DNS / DHCP Console for OS X ( Apple Macintosh )

UPDATED MARCH 2014: The tool has been improved! It now uses the DNS/DHCP Console code from OES 11sp2, there is no need to make any modifications to OS X when running it, and some support for Retina displays is available.

The Future of Enterprise Apps

The line between business and consumer apps continues to blur. As consumer tools pick up steam in the enterprise, IT is faced with an app overload issue from employees using consumer apps for business purposes.

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