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Webinar: Are you ready for GroupWise 2014?

Join us for this webinar designed to help you prepare for the GroupWise 2014 rollout in your organization on Wednesday, March 5th, 2014, at 11:00-11:45 AM EST.

Using ZENworks to Remote Control the Current User Session on an OS X 10.7 or later Macintosh with ZENworks

Novell ZENworks Unveils a New All-Encompassing Suite and Releases Service Pack 3

You might have seen today that we proudly introduced the release of the new Novell ZENworks Suite, an all-inclusive suite to replace all existing ZENWorks® suite/bundled options.

Free Netmail Archive Mailbox Licenses Available from Netmail (Messaging Architects)

As part of a special GroupWise 2014 upgrade promotion, any existing client wishing to upgrade to GroupWise 2014 can obtain a free Netmail Archive mailbox license from Netmail.

Curing IT Woes: Overcoming Healthcare’s Three Biggest IT Issues

Here’s a preview of what we’ll be discussing at HIMSS next week. See us at booth #6671!

SQL Server Support Highlights Release of File Reporter 2.0.2

I’m excited to announce the release today of Novell File Reporter 2.0.2 which you can download now. Some of the more notable new features in this version include: Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Supported databases now include both PostgreSQL (which continues to be shipped with Novell File Reporter) and Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

GroupWise 2014 IDM Driver BETA!

We would like to invite you to participate in the GroupWise 2014 IDM Driver BETA.   It is scheduled to begin immediately and we are looking for customers who are available to help test and validate before its final release.

Novell Shows Off New PinkVERIFY Certification for Novell Service Desk at Pink Elephant

Novell’s credibility in IT service management was recently validated by a PinkVERIFY™ certification from Pink Elephant.

New Features of DSfW in OES11SP2

In OES11SP2, we are introducing new features in DSfW. These features, sites and subnets in particular, were requested by many customers. They are functionally similar to what is in Microsoft environment, but the way they are configured is very different in DSfW.

Understanding ZENworks Mobile Management certificates

One of the most common questions I get from both internal Novell employees and customers alike is “what certificate does what in ZENworks Mobile Management?” So in this blog post I want to answer that question.

One Click GroupWise WebAccess

This tutorial will explain how to configure GroupWise WebAccess as an AppMark for NetIQ CloudAccess/MobileAccess. This feature is particularly useful for BYOD situations, such as when an employee wishes to access GroupWise, but does not wish to have corporate restrictions or store their corporate password on their personal device.

Planning and Implementation Guide for Novell Filr

We have a new Filr Planning and Deployment Best Practices Guide.   We’ve built the guide based upon the work we have done in our labs, as well as data collected from a number of you.

GroupWise 2014 Licensing Changes

The Licensing (End-User License Agreement) is changing for GroupWise 2014.  It is important that every organization familiarize themselves with the changes and determine how this will affect their organization if at all.

Cues for Success from Two Super Bowl-Bound Teams

The Seahawks and Broncos are successful organizations in a highly competitive industry. So with the Super Bowl coming up, I couldn’t resist making a comparison between business and sports.

Novell Vibe Webinar Series: Creating Custom Workflows in Vibe

The Novell Vibe Resource Library is excited to announce the next edition of the Novell Vibe Webinar Series, “Creating Custom Workflows in Vibe.”

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