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Novell Service Desk is PinkVERIFY Certified. What is in it for me?

Some of you may say the certification is necessary evil. I would argue that the certification actually helps organizations in selecting the correct ITSM product.

Take a look at ten predictions our Novell experts expect to see in 2014.

50 Questions about and around GroupWise 2014

View a recent webinar for a status-update for GroupWise 2014 as well as a summary of the product features. Also includes an in-depth technical presentation on how to upgrade to GroupWise 2014.

Novell Filr and iPrint now available for Samsung KNOX

Today, Novell announced the availability of Filr and iPrint for Samsung KNOX. With this exciting news, Novell is one of the first vendors to offer secure, enterprise-ready file access and print apps for Android devices through Samsung KNOX.

GroupWise: Change your mind about Frequent Contacts!

New with GroupWise 2014, once an email address has been determined to be undeliverable, that address is automatically flagged/marked such that it will NEVER again appear in any Name Completion or any contact look up. Now you can finally get all of the benefits of the Frequent Contacts book without the one single headache of having undeliverable email addresses show up in your Name Completion Control!

Deploying ZCM 11.2.4 with VMware View 5.3 with Linked-Clone Image

This cool solution will help you to deploy ZENworks Configuration Agent 11 SP2 (11.2.4) with VMware View 5.3 (VDI Solution) with Linked-Clone Image.

Are you A GroupWise Power Administrator?

Yesterday we held our kick-off webinar for the Caledonia GroupWise Power Administrator Resource. We were joined in this webinar by Kai Reichert, Novell Product Manager for GroupWise Mobility Service.

GroupWise: Professional Email Etiquette….

Here is a roundup of suggestions on how we should reinforce good email usage and etiquette.  I would love to see if any of you have a few pet peeves or suggestions on how to professionally use email.

Novell Service Desk Mobile apps – iOS & Android

We are pleased to announce Novell Service Desk mobile apps for iOS & Android are now available for download.

Novell iPrint 1.0.1 now available!

This release provides several enhancements to the iPrint appliance including performance and reliability improvements, support for additional deployment options and other fixes.

GroupWise: GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0 Ships!

Novell has announced the immediate availability of the GroupWise Mobility Service 2.0 release!  Novell’s history with mobile solutions has been a lengthy one, but this latest version marks a significant milestone and transition.

ZENworks Content Reporting Package

The ZENworks Content Reporting Package is a ZENworks Reporting 5 domain for building custom ZR5 reports and views, a set of approximately 20 predefined ad hoc views and a set of default reports that can be used to obtain information about the content stored in the ZENworks Content Repository.

Improving Your Novell Filr Deployment with Novell File Management Products

As organizations are planning and deploying Filr, the astute ones have turned to Novell file system products to both simplify and secure their deployments. After all, it was Novell that developed Filr and extended the Novell file system’s access and sharing capabilities. So who knows more about optimizing the Novell file system for Filr than Novell?

DSfW Monitoring with Ganglia

With the growing acceptance of monitoring applications like Ganglia and Nagios, server monitoring has been simplified. This document discusses the monitoring solution of a DSfW server using Ganglia.

ZENworks Mobile Management Reporting Package

The ZENworks Mobile Management Reporting Package is a ZENworks Reporting 5 domain for building custom ZR5 reports and views and a set of predefined reports similar to those available in the ZMM dashboard.

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