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GroupWise: Skype Integrations

A message now appears when GroupWise is started and Skype is already installed and integrated with the GroupWise Windows Client.  The message says: “starting December 2013 GroupWise can no longer use Skype.”

GroupWise: Tech Preview for Windermere!

Novell released the much anticipated Tech Preview for GroupWise Windermere and Novell has officially named the product – GroupWise 2014!

TGI Thursday: How Smartphones and Tablets are Remaking the Workweek

According to a USA Today article called “Mobile destroying 8 hour work day,” mobility is, well, destroying the eight-hour work day. We insist on using our mobile device whenever we want, and as a result we’re working much more often.

Script to upload GroupWise agent in a cluster resource

If you cannot calculate the time needed so that the GroupWise agents can shut down normally on your cluster without being inadvertently killed by the pkill, you may find this script useful.

Using SpoonReg and SpoonPlay to Integrate Virtual Applications into your Environment

ZENworks Application Virtualization provides tools to register virtual applications with the local machine so that even though the application is virtualized it looks and acts like a native application. A tool also exists that allows you to stream the application from a file server, web server, or ZENworks Application Virtualization Server. This article examines how to use these tools effectively with ZENworks Configuration Management and ZENworks Application Virtualization Server.

GroupWise 8.0.2 HP4 client on Mac OS 10.9 “Mavericks”

With Apple’s announcement at their October 22 “Special Event” that Mavericks is now shipping (for free, even), this is just a quick update to let our Mac users know that we’re looking out for you.

Get Help With Novell Vibe

In addition to the Vibe Resource Library found at, there are a few other places with more resources to make using Vibe a great experience.

GroupWise: The Shape of Email

Check out some very interesting facts and figures concerning email, your inbox, and how to manage it, from a Mimecast report called The Shape of Email.

ZRS – Rebooted, Coming soon to a console near you!

We thought it’s about time now to reboot our dear old ZENworks Reporting Server (ZRS). As we announced in BrainShare, ZRS will be replaced by ZENworks Reporting, powered by Jaspersoft, the industry leading reporting and BI solution.

Come see the new capabilities in ZENworks Application Virtualization 10.1.

Getting Bundle Chaining to work the way it did in ZENworks 7

In ZENworks 7 when you chain applications together, if App1 (Word) depends on App2 (Office) then every time you launch Word it checks the version of Office and if it is newer then it updates the dependent application. Want to get the same behavior in ZENworks Configuration Management? Read on…

Useful resources for Filr 1.0.1

Novell released Filr 1.0.1 a few weeks ago. Our team has created a few resources that we hope you will find useful as you check out this new release.

ZENworks release updates

Wondering what’s happening with ZENworks 11.2.4? How about 11 SP3? Read on to get the latest updates.

Changes To Novell Open Workgroup Suite

Effective 1 October 2013, LibreOffice and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop will no longer be available as supported products in the Novell Open Workgroup Suite.

Understanding ZENworks 11.2.3a’s location based HTTP Proxy setting and CIFS server setting

Here are some use cases for the new HTTP Proxy and CIFS Content Repository options that were introduced in ZENworks 11.2.3a.   This is why you’ll be glad we added the new options.

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