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Novell Service Desk Android Mobile App – First look

Service management on the go!!! No matter whether you are at your desk or at a remote location, you can soon manage and support your customer requests using your favorite Android mobile device.

ZENworks 11SP3 Improved Rights Management

Want to prevent a ZENworks administrator from seeing a bundle or device inside of the ZENworks Control Center?  ZENworks 11SP3 makes it possible through the introduction of new admin and role rights.

CoolTool: ZCM Client Updater

A utility (Windows CMD script) combined with the WGET utility, to download and install the latest available ZCM Client from your ZENworks primaries.

ZENworks 11SP3 Patch Management Capabilities

ZENworks 11SP3 will introduce Patch Policies, which allow you to define rule based policies to keep your workstations and servers up to date. This significantly reduces the overhead associated with keeping your entire device estate current on patches.

CoolTool: – Bash Menu driven utility to deal with open file problems on OES servers.

Have you ever had troubles tracking down who has an open file on an OES server? Here’s a simple menu driven solution which can help you track down and fix open file problems.

An Example of Troubleshooting NetStorage

One of the hidden gems in Open Enterprise Server, be it running on NetWare or on top of SLES, is NetStorage. This provides web access to your files via a web interface, or via WebDAV.

ZENworks 11SP3 Auditing Capabilities

Have you ever wanted to figure out who made that change to the bundle that caused 500 calls this morning? What about who transferred files off the CEO’s device last week? With ZENworks 11SP3’s new auditing capabilities you can quickly and easily find out the answers to these questions and many more.

CoolTool: Certificate Tool

Generate certificates – self-signed and 3rd party. Create a single PEM, if needed.

Import a given Class2 StartCom Certificate into Novell Vibe Tomcat Keystore

How to install a StartSSL class2 wildcard-certificate into a Vibe keystore without prior CSR. The configuration of the Vibe Server reflects the paedML Novell KServer of LMZ in Baden-Würtemberg Germany.

Return of Troubleshooting Kanaka

When last I visited the topic of Kanaka, it was all NetWare all the time. Now Kanaka runs on Windows (not the free version with OES) or OES Linux. It now processes Login Scripts and much more.

Psuedo User based Assignments of Mac OS-X Bundles in ZENworks 11SP2+

ZENworks 11SP2 added support for Mac OS-X bundle management, but bundles can only be assigned to devices. This article provides a way using the ldapsearch tool and a bundle to allow assignments from being made available to specific users, groups or folders in your environment.

iFolder or Filr?

Many of you have entitlements to Filr through your Novell Open Enterprise Server licensing, so you could start experimenting with Filr today. But we realize that some of you may be wondering: What about iFolder?

GroupWise: Google says: Gmail equals no privacy!

Check out this news report where Google admits in court proceedings that your emails are NOT private!! Anyone still considering Google/Gmail for anything other than SPAM?

Novell Service Desk: Best practices & System planning

Here are some documents to help you set up the best Novell Service Desk system design and deployment for your organization.  They help you focus on the right features and functions to address your specific considerations and configurations.

ZENworks 11 SP3 Share and Subscribe

ZENworks 11 SP3 makes it easy to share bundles and policies in one zone with another zone in your production environment, your lab environment, or even across the Internet.

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