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The Importance of Saying ‘Yes’ to Your End Users’ BYOD Requests

The majority of your employees view BYOD as a basic necessity in today’s highly competitive work environment. Your IT department, however, sees BYOD as one of its greatest security challenges to date. Who is right?

Email Notifications during Application Provisioning Process

Here is how ZENworks can provide administrators with insight about how applications are being used by end users, via email notifications.

Introducing PatchWatcher and DateComparor

I don’t pretend to be an engineer, but I managed to make this work for me and this customer, so use at your own risk if it makes your job easier and your end users happier.

GroupWise Resource Archive – November 2014

Download the latest edition of the free GroupWise Resource Archive, which enables easy research of discussions between GroupWise administrators, partners and consultants. Use the high speed text search capabilities to discover invaluable guidance within topics ranging from GroupWise technical issues to …

Being Introduced to File Reporter 2.5 was Worth the Trip for Some BrainShare 2014 Attendees

BrainShare 2014 was the perfect venue for introducing to Novell customers the new features of Novell File Reporter 2.5—a product released less than a month before. It started in a big way when some of the new features were demonstrated during the Keynote Address on Monday morning. Probably the most impressive demonstration was the new …

Goodbye iReport, Welcome Jaspersoft Studio

No software lasts forever (except maybe Win XP). iReport, the trusted report designer which shipped with ZENworks Reporting 5, has been on life support from some time. Now the time has come to say goodbye.

GroupWise Blog: Mac is Back in GroupWise Cornell!

For those who weren’t able to make it, Novell showed some very interesting things at BrainShare 2014. From an interview with our soon-to-be CEO Kevin Loosemore, to our OES Altair commercial, and everything in between, there were plenty of fascinating Novell happenings for attendees to enjoy. But this is the GroupWise blog, and we’re here to …

What’s Wrong With Mobility in the Classroom?

The bring your own device (BYOD) movement is quickly spreading from the business world into school districts throughout the U.S. Research shows that BYOD in school districts has increased from 22 percent in 2013 to 56 percent in 2014.

How Much Did #Bellogate Cost?

By now you’ve probably heard of Bellogate, in which a hacker or imposter sent a University College London (UCL) campus-wide email from what appeared to be the university president’s account. Nearly 29,000 students received an email containing the word “bello.” Then, whether because of the hack or poor email configuration, students were able to reply …

Distributing only content that matters

I am out at customer site this week and I learned something pretty cool from Craig Wilson that I thought I’d share with everyone. This is a little known fact that even engineering didn’t seem to know and could have huge wins for many customers. As I’m sure you are aware, starting in ZENworks 11SP2 …

Using Chromebooks with Novell iPrint

During BrainShare quite a few people came up asking for and integration between Novell iPrint and Google’s Chromebooks. While we have plans for something like this, it is still a ways out. A couple of us put our heads together to see if we could come up with something sooner to help people out now.

An Update on the Windows Phone client for Filr

As many of you know I was recently asked to help Richard Lindstedt on the Novell Filr project, in addition to my ZENworks involvement. Those of you who have read some of my prior posts know that I believe it’s important that we be as transparent with the community as possible — such is the …

Is the ‘Shellshock’ Bug Still a Threat to My Novell ZENworks Products?

It’s been over one month since Bash notified the IT community about the “Shellshock” vulnerability and sent Linux, Unix and Mac OS X system operators into a panic trying to patch their servers. As we explained in a post after the initial discovery, several Novell products were affected by this security issue …

The search for ZENworks beta customers

Now that BrainShare is over it’s time to get back to the business of making sure we can get the next great versions of ZENworks out. We are looking for customers that are interested in making a difference. Over the next couple of months we’ll be starting Closed Beta programs for both ZENworks 11SP4 and …

GroupWise Mobility Service 2.1 – Public Beta

I am very pleased to announce that the next version of GroupWise Mobility Service is now available for download as a Public Beta! So What’s New? GroupWise Mobility Service 2.1 supports the following …

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