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Forrester Names Novell ZENworks a ‘Strong Performer’ in Endpoint Encryption

There are two ways that you can store sensitive corporate information in your database: in a regular format using plain text or in a protected format using advanced ciphering. In information technology (IT), the act of ciphering digital information is called encryption, and it’s one of the safest and strongest methods of devaluing private data …

Filr 1.2 Technical Preview

Hi Everyone. For those not familiar with a Technical Preview, it allows people, beyond the closed beta group, to access the pre-released software and provide feedback to Novell. We are now ready to accept people into the Technical Preview of Filr 1.2.

Novell Messenger Survey

I hope everyone is just as excited as I am with the upcoming release of Messenger 3.0. I have talked about some of the great new features in previous posts so if you haven’t read about the release please check it out (Novell Messenger 3.0). With the release nearly here, I wanted to take …

The Best Thing You Can Buy for Your IT Department This Year Is …

Your business has a lot of unsecure digital endpoints that need to be addressed. There’s Steve in finance, for instance, who just got a new tablet that he uses for work purposes in addition to his smartphone (unbeknownst to IT). There’s April, who now works remotely and regularly accesses sensitive corporate files over unprotected Wi-Fi …

Do We Need to Reinvent Email in 2015?

While Google’s new Inbox app will likely not bring the end of email (as some are claiming), it does achieve at least one important thing: it’s got us asking, “What’s wrong with email, anyway?” Well, maybe it’s us. Email, which began as a digital postal service, has transmogrified into a task list, calendar, day planner, …

Do We Need to Reinvent Email in 2015?

While Google’s new Inbox app will likely not bring the end of email, it does achieve at least one important thing: it’s got us asking, “What’s wrong with email, anyway?”

GWAVA & Novell Announce Strategic Partnership Expansion

By Ken Muir, CEO GWAVA GWAVA announced at BrainShare an expansion of a strategic partnership that we have had with Novell for over 12 years. You can read the full press release here. Novell’s portfolio includes some of the best products available in the market today. It makes sense to expand GWAVA’s leading product lines to …

ZENworks Imaging: Fast, consistent & cost-effective solution for deploying standard device configurations and software

This short video shows how ZENworks Imaging helps David, the administrator at XYZ corporation to quickly deploy/upgrade operating systems on variety of devices and across different geographical locations

Recovering a Deleted File in Vibe

Or: How I Completed a Four Day Task in Less Than One Hour. Novell tells us that when an attachment is deleted from an entry within Vibe it is not recoverable. A deleted Entry is easy; just pull it out of the Trash. If the entry is still intact, but the attachment has been removed…

Behind Every Great IT Department Is a Strong Automation System

Ten years ago, your business’s network environment was nowhere near as complex as it is today. There were fewer pervasive cybersecurity threats or demands for BYOD services, and there was less technological diversity to manage. Now, like most businesses, you are in the process of trying to meet heightened challenges in all these areas by…

Why You Need to ‘Wow’ Your End Users With Amazing User Self-services

The world is becoming easier to navigate on your own thanks to the influx of modern day self-help technologies. From automated airport check-in systems to advanced mobile banking platforms, self-help initiatives are spreading like wildfire across the globe. Why is user self-service spreading so quickly? Quite simply, people want access to lighting-fast experiences and results. …

Rethink the Modern Workspace With ZENworks From Novell

When you think of a contemporary work environment, do you still envision a traditional cubicle with a desk and landline telephone? If so, it’s time to rethink your vision of where and how people are conducting business these days.

Is Your Backup Solution Cluster-Ready?

With today’s complex IT environments, many companies have implemented clusters to ensure high availability and manageability of critical network resources. When dealing with mission-critical data, an equally powerful backup solution must be in place to improve business continuity and decrease IT headaches.

Two important dates in the GroupWise Lifecycle are approaching!

Hello, everyone! As you may know, two important dates in the GroupWise Lifecycle are quickly approaching! Most of you are familiar with our original lifecycle dates, but we always strive to keep you apprised of changes and deadlines for GroupWise.

GroupWise Blog: The GroupWise 2014 IDM Driver is Now Available!

GroupWise 2014 has seen some great success as its gotten out into customer’s hands.

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