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Key Takeaways from BrainShare 2014

BrainShare 2014 covered important topics such as …

How to Keep Your Data Safe in a Collaborative Work Environment

Your business just created a confidential document outlining a groundbreaking new product it is developing. This document will be used to educate your core team members in marketing, sales and customer support about your business’s new product prior to its release.

How to implement Time Zone changes in Russia on NetWare (2014 year)

Background In October 2011 Russia ceased using of Daylight Savings Time (DST) and kept Summer time forever. Nine time zones around the territory were implemented in a range from UTC+3 to UTC+12. Moscow local time became UTC+4 …

Save Time & Effort with Quick Call Templates: Novell Service Desk

Research has indicated a good percentage of traffic to the Service Desk is either repetitive or a slight variation of a common requests. These requests can be for day-to-day, monthly, quarterly or annual activities or for any specific projects. In a typical Service Desk environment Technicians & customers (end users) spend a lot of …

GroupWise Mobility 2.1 Lighthouse Customers Sought

For those who are not familiar with Novell’s Lighthouse program, let me catch you up. Lighthouse is a program that Novell uses in the final stages of development. We work with a few chosen customers …

GroupWise Resource Archive – October 2014

We all know “Winter Is Coming” but you’ll be glad to know we’re still able to offer another edition of the free GroupWise Resource Archive, which enables easy research of discussions between GroupWise administrators, partners and consultants.

Reclaim Control of Your IT Department With the Novell ZENworks Suite

A few years ago, your IT department was a much simpler environment. Your business had few mobile endpoints to keep track of, if any. There were far less cybersecurity risks to worry about. And your company was much smaller, too. My, how things have changed …

Converting Xen Appliances for XenServer Import

It is no secret that we use many Novell technologies at Martin Luther College to enable our faculty, staff, and students to get their work done. I’ve blogged about such things many times and I’ll be continuing to do so in the future. I have plans to bring Filr and ZENworks on campus soon to alleviate …

Security: A Growing Concern in the U.S. Financial Sector

Right now all eyes are on the financial services industry following the recent high-profile cyber attacks on JPMorgan Chase and nine other U.S. banking institutions. As of this writing, at least 83 million U.S. households and businesses are confirmed to have been affected by the attack. This number is expected to grow as more information …

Significant New Features Included in Newly-Released File Reporter and Storage Manager Updates

Today Novell released Novell File Reporter 2.5 and Novell Storage Manager 4.0. These product updates provide some important new features that customers will want to utilize right away.

Reduce Costs in Your Enterprise by Using Remote Workers

It costs a lot of money to keep workers onsite. This is especially true for large organizations that provide desk space and basic amenities for hundreds or even thousands of workers at a time. For this reason, remote working is a viable alternative to keeping employees in one centralized location. Consider the fact that allowing …

The Linux “Shellshock” Vulnerability and Your Novell Products

For all of us at Novell, the security of your data is of the utmost importance. Security researchers have discovered the following new software vulnerabilities that could affect Novell’s products and customers. What is the ShellShock vulnerability and how do I know it exists on my systems?

OES/SLES Registration Script

A script to easily register Open Enterprise Servers or SLES severs.

Get the most out of BrainShare

Personally I am a huge fan of Evernote and use it for almost everything in my professional and personal life. In preparation for their own conference that is happening this week, the people at Evernote have published an article on how best to use Evernote at conferences to take notes to help you remember what …

Hello Again GroupWise!

I am very excited today to be able to re-introduce myself to the GroupWise community and talk about my new role with Novell as the Product Manager for Collaboration. Before I get started I do want to tip my hat to my predecessor, Mr GroupWise Dean Lythgoe…

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