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2011 – IT Transforms and Becomes One with Business or "To the Cloud"


January 12, 2011 2:30 pm





Start of a new year and just 2 weeks into what will be the year of The Cloud and service providers and I am already tiring of To The Cloud. I would say I’m adding a 5th prediction to my previous post, however, if you keep up with IT Management news, the topic of this also being a year of IT Transformation is pervasive. As with most things IT, we require some marketing and a clever IT rally cry for the year. I’ll have to think on that one and come up with something clever. Read on for a quick snapshot of the year of IT transformation discussion.

When I meet people at conferences and such and ask what they do for a living, when the response is “database administrator“, “support manager”, “availability manager” in IT, I follow up with who do you work for. Service Providers will feast on these organizations where IT considers itself separate from the business. The right answer is I sell insurance, I rent cars, I trade stocks…it just happens that I support the technology that operates the business.

Technology and data centers exist is every company across the globe. Technology powers the business like electricity – a commodity. However, when applied with some imagination it can fuel growth in the business and that requires a business view and management of technology as the services that interact with the customers (not end users) of your business.

I’ll use a car analogy. Imagine what it would be like to drive the car without a dashboard:

  • Speeding ticket, you are kidding right?
  • Car just locked up on interstate – what caused it and how much collateral damage?
    • Now add the dashboard:

      • No speeding tickets because you can monitor speed, well ok, some of us have heavier feet when jamming to a favorite tune and pretending we can sing
      • Lock up – maybe you notice the temperature rising and rising fast – pull over before lock up and engine melt down – Sure it’s an event, small damage, diagnosis of root cause pin pointed, no collateral damage, loaner car, service restored within reason and minimal impact
      • Check Engine light – what is that exactly? For me recently, misfires, car still running, I move to a loaner car, service is moved to the loaner, later restored without impact, minor cost

      This is our everyday life, this is Business Service Management, not Business and IT.

      The Service Dashboard is no longer a nice to have, like the car, IT is commodity and a requirement. We depend upon technology to transact business and require visibility as to how Services are performing. Technology is becoming far too complex to manage manually. This will be the year we will either stop hearing so much about IT ‘and’ Business, IT transforms or IT will be outsourced – To The Cloud. Those clever technologists will right source their data centers, embrace The Cloud and Virtualization and will manage business services to drive business growth.

      Much like 2000, 2011 will be a tipping point and on that note….me and my Business Service Management Peeps have started up a new endeavor – The Hub. All things Business Service Management. We will continue our tips and tricks regarding the product and all things Novell Business Service Management and Novell Operations Center here on Cool Solutions, but we are expanding.

      Check out The Hub and participate in a community, commentary, news and resources targeting the Business Service Management topic more widely.


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