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It’s the Agility!

Michael Applebaum

April 19, 2011 12:12 pm



With the promise of cloud computing splashed across every headline today, it’s easy to lose track of where its greatest opportunities lie. Yes, saving money is important. It can help nudge the dreaded 80/20 maintenance-to-innovation ratio in the right direction. But when you’re thinking about the cloud, don’t stop there. It’s agility that can drive …

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Linux, Cloud and Appliances: Five Predictions for 2011

Michael Applebaum

January 5, 2011 10:42 am



by Michael Applebaum, director of solution and product marketing With 2011 fully upon us, let’s take a look at what the industry should expect in 2011.  The past year was as full of business and technical innovations as any in memory, and there’s no reason to expect less from 2011. 1. Virtual appliances become a …

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