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BrainShare press conference (and desktop demo) video file


March 20, 2006 6:05 pm





We had a last minute room change for the BrainShare press conference today which resulted in some confusion for the dial in. We videotaped the press conference, so you can watch that here. The front end of the press conference is a demo by Nat Friedman of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, which includes some great office productivity, search, photo, and video capabilities. Have a look.

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  1. By:Gunnar

    Will the press conference be available in some more normal video format?
    Flash and sound on Linux is not working really well :S

  2. By:Anonymous

    We’ve tested this on Linux, and it seems to be running fine from our vantage point. If you continue to have problems, we can sent you the file. Thanks.

  3. By:Maxim

    How much size this video? Could you share it on ftp, please? I have low speed LAN.

    Thank you.

  4. By:deckert

    What about allowing one to download the whole video instead of streaming it ?
    My compagny is using a proxy that doesn’t handle flash streams.

  5. By:fosk

    Yes, i’d like too to be able to download this video, because i can not play it in my linux box. It would be very nice.
    Thank you anyway!

  6. By:fred

    When are you putting up the pictures of the other keynote?

  7. By:Anonymous

    We’re working on getting a downloadable file up of the press conference video. We’re also tracking down photos of the Wednesday keynotes. Thanks.

  8. By:nofoolnovell

    And Friday Keynote?

    Why no updates since Monday?

  9. By:Wouter

    “My compagny is using a proxy that doesn’t handle flash streams.”

    Me too, so I would appreciate a downloadable file. And at home my network connection is slow, so buffering starts every couple of seconds! Downloadable video would solve it.

  10. Is there a downloadable file for the press conference?

  11. By:Anonymous

    Thanks for everyone’s patience. We’ll have a downloadable file of the press conference hopefully posted in the online press room by tomorrow. Sorry about the delay.

  12. By:Anonymous

    OK, we’ve posted downloadable files on the BrainShare press room page. Thanks for the patience.

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