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BSM, Open Source and Management Tool Consolidation


August 16, 2010 12:29 pm





Consolidate Management Tools and Reduce Costs through Federation, While Aligning Service Delivery to the Business – How Can this Be?

What a time to be in the IT management software business, just when you think everyone is consolidating tools and removing tools from their portfolio, in comes a vendor selling management tools. How can a new tool to the environment be a good thing and why would I consider this as a senior IT executive. If that tool can help you to de-dup your environment, add value and remove cost, what is there not to like about that solutions? Read on and see how the right investment can benefit objectives and reduce costs.

As we are square in the summer doldrums and I back from a month’s travel, I ponder a couple of things that have come out of my recent travels. Conferences, meetings with prospects and meetings with analysts with similar themes for requirements to integrate or wait on the framework vendors, lock-in with the frameworks or freedom of choice and best in breed, open source management alternatives and alignment to the business and/or consolidation of management tools and a requirement for an integrated view.

Is it possible to spend money to save money? My father always said if it were possible, I would find it or at least be able to come up with the rationalization. I find many organizations are going through portfolio rationalizations, elimintating duplication, seeking savings, staying out of vendor lock-in, but also attempting to deliver higher quality of services aligned with the business. This can only mean an integrated view of the technology infrastructure that is becoming more complex with virtualization and cloud computing. The question becomes where to cut, where to invest and where does the value come from.

The large framework vendors are always a safe choice, they have grown through acquisition and may someday integrate their solutions if nothing else at the database level as this is easiest. I know, I’ve been a product line manager for one of them and that is always the quick win. This approach does lock you into their solutions and may leave you losing functionality you enjoy from some of the point solutions you have acquired for good reason along the way, but what if there were another alternative to reduce costs, remove tools, leverage best in breed point solutions, AND achieve integrated live views of the environment as the business consumes services. What if this solution also provided future-proofed business alignment by abstracting the integration input from the intelligent modeling and visualization…..sound too good to be true? It is possible today.

Novell provides solutions in the market of Intelligent Workload Management and at the heart of this market is the ability to leverage current and future management technologies and solutions with live views to take action averting business impacting events taking advantage of the wealth of information supplied by your performance, availability, configuration, security tools and business applications. This approach enables you to consolidate duplicate tools. leverage the best of the best and manage my intelligent service models.

I met with a customer who told the best story, there are tools that are good “feeder” tools and there is the overall dashboard view. Be the best “feeder” tool you can be and live in the ecosystem. Monitor availability, performance, configurations and do it well, feed this information into the aggregator who’s job it is to make sense of many inputs, determine overall state and provide the dashboard of the services. This is what we at Novell call the Intelligent Service Model at the heart of the Business Service Management Solution.

The beauty of the solution is that it takes input from many sources “live” and enables you to define your business rules by which to take action. This enables you to take advantage of best in breed feeder tools or open source tools, while investing in the view that brings this data together live and enables you to integrate into the Intelligent Service Models the rules that drive your business. It is future proofed in that it does not matter where the data comes from and it can be swapped out as your requirements for monitoring change over time.

It is possible to avoid vendor lock-in, take advantage of best in breed and low cost alternatives and have a live view by which to take action in real time. Tool rationalization can help you to determine where you might leverage low cost alternatives while investing in the value that takes your IT organization to the next level and reduce overall costs.

Take advantage of best in breed and Business Align with Live Views!

Physical, Virtual, Cloud Computing – The Control Never Ends! Check out Novell Business Service Management!

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