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"Change is Inevitable – Except from a Vending Machine"


October 7, 2010 12:50 am





Announcing Novell Operations Center – New Name in the Name of Progress!

It has been a fast year for me back with the Business Service Management solution here at Novell. Change is always inevitable, often feared and sometimes brings simplicity in complex times. Business Service Management is a concept that IT organizations seek to attain in aligning infrastructure as business services within their organizations.

We live in exciting times with new technology and delivery options with cloud computing and virtualization. These technologies bring agility and flexibility that for those of us in the management practice cringe to wrap our heads around. How do we control without being the ones to squelch the benefits of flexibility? This is the exciting component for those of us who live and breathe Novell Operations Center and Business Service Management daily. The beauty of the solution is its inherent flexibility to consume real-time data, model and present it as a service quite simply. It has future-proofed many customers as cloud computing and virtualization is just another input to map, monitor and measure!

Novell Operations Center has been in this market for more than a dozen years and trusted to monitor, manage and communicate services for some of the largest organizations around the globe processing millions of mission critical transactions daily. Time has come to freshen up the face and name after >12 years and the acquisition by Novell as a strategic WorkloadIQ product.

Just as managing cloud computing and virtualized environments sounds daunting, so does embarking upon a Business Service Management project. I wanted to work with the team to break this down and simplify attaining something that appears complex, simply, just like the product does. How do we speak about Business Service Management and the product simply? How do we help customers break Business Service Management down, a piece at a time? What are the projects that drive and lead to Business Service Management and alignment to business objectives? These were and are all good questions…..

In developing the entry points to Novell Operations Center, we did a little research on our 12 years of customers. Here’s what we found:

~50% started with a combination of monitoring, mapping and measuring
~30% started with monitoring infrastructure as services
~15% started with measuring service levels of their known services
~5% started with mapping – discovering components and automating accuracy of configurations

In the end, it does not matter where you start (monitoring – mapping – measuring) to manage and communicate your services to the business. Novell Operations Centers gives you the flexibility to choose based upon your inputs to monitoring, mapping and measuring infrastructure as services. You choose the entry point of most value to you today and build upon it to enrich the solution tomorrow!

The second interesting thing to note is that most all of these environments are mission critical services, mixed and complex infrastructures. We in the Business Service Management solution group often say with a smile, “the more complex, the more we shine”. This is the beauty of the solution, masking the complexity of the challenge to map infrastructure as services!

We are excited for the opportunities that cloud computing, virtualization and mixed physical environments bring as a WorkloadIQ product!

New challenges, we say “Bring it on, we can’t for wait for tomorrow”!

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  1. By:Brandon

    Change is inevitable, but the second paragraph seems to be the same as the first. That’s just too funny!