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June 2, 2006 11:33 am





I’ve noticed that CIO Magazine had been taking a harder look at open source over the last several months. This is a good sign, given the magazine’s target demographic of senior-level IT decision makers. It’s another indicator that open source has clearly entered the mainstream as a viable enterprise option. Bernard Golden, who’s written a book, Succeeding with Open Source, has launched a regular Open Source blog for CIO . Bernard’s just wrapped up a three-part blog series on “Why Your Future Depends on Open Source.” It’s a good overview that identifies three key reasons why CIOs need to be paying attention to open source: cost, the changing nature of the software industry, and competitive advantage. A good one to add to your RSS aggregator….

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  1. By:yong

    the question is what’s in it for Novell, for NOVL shareholder?

    On the recent CC, Mr.Messman mentioned that Novell’s business is better than the what is shown on the booked revenue and deferred revenue (rather lackluster number, BTW). Novell’s Linux business is better than the industry trend.

    I understand his explanation that for a multi year contract, the potential revenue beyond the invoice period, usually 12 month, is not recognized nor reported; they sit more in an off balance sheet.

    Can you provide a line item or footnote to denote what is the amount of this not yet recognized revenue? This information is useful for the shareholders and analyst, to gauge the progress of Novell. Otherwise, all the great things going on in the Linux and OpenSource world is meaningless.

  2. By:Anonymous

    I’ll pass this along to our finance folks. As you know, we can’t break out financials here on the blog that haven’t been broken out generally to the public via our filings. The extended schedules for the last quarter are available here:

  3. By:yong

    Hi Bruce,

    Thanks and my apology; I should have follow that with your IR folks, but your IR has not been very responsive.

    Thanks for providing this Open PR; it has been very helpful to read about the happening in the world of Linux and Open Source