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Decision in the SCO Group vs. Novell Jury trial


March 30, 2010 12:41 pm





Today, the jury in the District Court of Utah trial between SCO Group and Novell issued a verdict.

Novell is very pleased with the jury’s decision confirming Novell’s ownership of the Unix copyrights, which SCO had asserted to own in its attack on Linux. Novell remains committed to promoting Linux, including by defending Linux on the intellectual property front.

This decision is good news for Novell, for Linux, and for the open source community.

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  1. By:Belhor|

    This is great

  2. By:Pat


  3. By:Xatnet

    Congratulations to Novell

  4. That’s *great* news. Congratulations !

  5. By:Norman

    A job well done Novell! Thank you for standing up for what was right and for all the hard work. The Unix and Linux user across the world thank you.

  6. That is fabulous. Congratulations!

    What a fight. It took 7 years, or what?


  7. By:David

    Now if only SCO would just dry up and blow away, but I doubt that will happen unless the trustee gets a little sense.

  8. By:David

    A long hard road. Thank you, Novell!

  9. By:Brian

    Great to hear that the jury verified what just about everyone who read the agreements believed (except SCO).

  10. By:Jack Waldron

    If I seem to be shouting, it only because I’m sooooooo excited!

  11. By:SirWired

    Novell, you and IBM have done the Open Source community a great service by spending millions on not giving in to the ridiculous demands of SCO’s extortion scheme. We owe you a great debt.

    Naturally, they will appeal, but it appears to be all over except for that. The appeals court requested a jury trial, and they got one.

  12. By:anm_sa

    Thanks for the effort in court!

  13. By:Brian

    Did you also note how I used an “exception” list to the above statement…

  14. By:beep


    Novell = win, nuff said.

  15. I’ve been watching this on Groklaw from the beginning. This is great news.

  16. By:Jaakko Saastamoinen

    At last.. From beginning 2003 everyday looking this last episode..

  17. That’s great news, well done!

  18. By:Jerry Feldman

    Finally after a very long and costly road. I reiterate the previous “thank you”s. Without this long-drawn out fight with 2 judges – 3 actually if you include Judge Brooke C. Wells.

  19. By:James

    That’s one down. Next up, we need to fight Microsoft’s similarly invalid patent claims against Linux.

  20. Thank you Novell! I’m glad to see that common sense prevailed and the jury ruled in your favor. I hope this is the final chapter in SCO’s history book.

  21. By:Dan_S

    Thank you Novell for staying the course against SCO’s shameful litigations.

  22. Thank you Novell for fighting and defending Open Source against litigious parasites!

  23. By:Pete

    Yippee! Congratulations and thanks for your perseverance in this

  24. By:Kevin

    Thank you for never giving in or giving up. There must have been times when it would have been tempting. Thanks to all of your legal team!

  25. By:Jan

    Great news. As a Linux user, I am grateful to Novel for fighting this to the end.

  26. By:Captain Zilog

    Big congrat’s to Novell and all of the Linux community!

    This is great news! All of our stuff can keep working!!!

  27. By:tony2001

    Thank you for your time & patience.

  28. By:Tim

    Novell – THANK YOU for staying the course!

  29. By:Duncan

    Congratulations, (and thanks!), on behalf of Linux users and enthusiasts everywhere!

  30. By:Michael

    Congratulations Novell! Great job, and thank you putting SCO where they belonged. Do something nice for your attorneys, they did an awesome job.

  31. By:Jim Howe

    Wonderful news – it was worth it for Novell to fight this on principle!

    May this awful and illicit saga now be at an end for all time!

  32. Congratulations Novell!

    Cahn: Break these fools up and sell the pieces!

  33. By:NickeM

    Great News =) Congratulations, keep up the good fight.

  34. By:Martin


  35. By:John Anon

    This almost restores my faith in the legal system. I hope there is some money in the SCO coffers to pay what they owe.

  36. By:Claudio

    Excelente noticia para todos, en especial Linux.

  37. This is good news for Linux, the open source world and for IBM. I am glad to be done with SCO and hopefully they will shrivel up and be gone forever not to taint the Open Source community ever again.

  38. By:Schmuell

    Excellent news! Hurray!

  39. Congratulations!

    I don’t agree with the MS deal but this is *great* news.

    All the best to your legal team.

  40. By:Joe

    This is a huge victory for Linux and Open Source. I can’t believe it is finally over! Novell – now it is time to go forth and spread the news of opensource!

  41. By:Matt

    This huge win, not only for Novell, but for all open source projects and Linux!

    This is wonderful news.

  42. Thank you for your long persistence in this matter.
    I hope you will continue to abide by the terms of the Gnu Public Licence (GPL) upon which so much of your legal defense relied upon. I wish you could continue to show such great fortitude in confronting current threats to the Linux/Open source/Free Software ecosystem ( see website ).

  43. All in all, I’m saddened by what happened to SCO. Before one of their founders died and the subsequent break up and sale to Caldera, both Caldera and SCO were really great companies with really great products that no one else in the business were coming close to for getting “real” work done by people who don’t have the luxury of their own personal 24/7 linux guru support staff just to keep their back room mom & pop shop server running. It’s really unfair that since SCO were owned by jerks for the last few years of their existence, everyone is going to be left equating SCO==evil, and the original 20 years of excellence will go essentially unrecognized and unthanked. All those really smart and hardworking engineers, putting together all that really solid and robust work all those years, all thrown away and discredited.
    Kids today don’t even know what they have given up and are missing. It’s true that Linux and FreeBSD have shot past SCO in various ways. But what no one ever admits is that it’s also true that SCO solved various problems ages ago in their evil commercial product that still aren’t solved in Linux and today everyone just thinks thats the state of the art and there is nothing else, ignorant of the fact that no, this or that thing was achieved by SCO in 1988!

    Frankly, I hope the evil of the owners of the last few years can eventually be seperated from the product and the product kept alive and work resumed on it.

    The product != the owners, and the current owners != the original and longer running owners.

    I know, it’s so much easier and more fun to just hate something.

  44. By:Andy

    Congratulations, and thank you Novell, for sticking with this and not taking an easier course of action. I appreciate it, and I know millions of Linux users do too.

  45. By:John C.

    I just want to add another “Thank you for sticking it out, Novell” post. I also have been following this from the beginning on Groklaw.
    Thanks for having the guts and integrity to commit fully to fighting this injustice.

  46. By:Nic Wilson

    I notice that SCO do not have the guts to put anything on their website, go suck that McBride you big loser, all you have done is flushed all your shareholders money down the toilet.

    Congratulations to Novell, IT needs more companies like you who will defend us against the likes of McBride and companies like SCO.

  47. By:Martin Fluch

    Great news! Congrats! Well done! :-)))

  48. By:Mike Glenn

    What’s to celebrate? Microsoft got seven years worth of FUD out of this while draining the coffers of one of Linux’s strongest supporters, all of which I have little doubt was the intent in the first place.

  49. By:Nathan H

    Thank you Novell.

  50. By:LJones

    Strike up the band! Dance in the streets!

  51. By:Lauwie

    Thank you very much for all the efforts!

  52. By:PeterM

    Congrats to all at Novell and their magnificant legal team. Justice finally prevails, and may the SCOundrels get their just deserts.

  53. By:Raymond Auge

    Congratulations, and thank you!

  54. By:Gregory Jackson

    Congrats and thank you for not letting SCO have an inch.

  55. By:Jeff

    From this particular embedded branch of the extended Linux community…
    Our congratulations and thanks.

  56. By:inode_buddha

    OpenSuSE scadenfreude
    Authored by: inode_buddha on Tuesday, March 30 2010 @ 05:07 PM EDT
    After 7 years. Thank you Novell. I’m typing this from my OpenSuse box.


    “When we speak of free software,
    we are referring to freedom, not price”
    — Richard M. Stallman

  57. By:Gil Murdoch

    This seems to be a significant decision with social and economic implications with effects across a number of “borders” as well as the validation of Novell’s copyrights. Novell is a firm with a deep involvement in the evolution of software in our time. This court decision reflects steps in the evolution of Novell as a business among businesses. May that evolution continue.

  58. By:Phil B

    Thank you so much for putting in the time, effort and money for the cause. I’m proud to be a Linux user, and this news is so fantastic to hear after following this case for the last 7 years!

    Congratulations on a job well done!

  59. By:steveg

    Good work. Thank you.


  60. By:Mauricio Hernandez

    We owe you so much.

  61. By:Harry

    Thank you, Novell, and others, for doing the right thing, despite the cost.

  62. It’s refreshing to see that occasionally the good guys win. Now that this long drawn out affair has finally concluded perhaps Novell will have some extra resources to devote to marketing 🙂

  63. By:phaoUNTOtom

    Thank you for staying the course. Your lawyers equating the principles of national freedom to the case is on-point to how I feel. Open source is freedom to share our ideas, freedom to improve society, freedom to stand on other programmer’s shoulders, freedom to help each other out on real-world problems, and freedom to make money with an open and much more ethical win/win software development model!

    Thank you.

  64. By:Phil Porter

    Congratulations Novell! Thank you for standing up to these thieves and extortionists.

  65. Great! Novell, thanks for investing so much in Linux, and for the great OpenSUSE distro.

  66. By:björn

    I’m so glad for you, folks! after such a long battle…
    thank you very much for all your work and fight!

  67. By:Joe

    Thank you Novell for a job well done.

  68. By:aten

    congratulations! Hopefully novel won’t become another SCO itself in the future.

  69. By:german

    Thanks for standing up for us GNU/Linux users. This is a huge validation of the hard work the kernel team has put in, and we all owe Novell and IBM a debt of gratitude.

  70. By:Zoltan Patay


    I hope you are reading this, Stephen Bennett from Florida, and I hope you still remember how you were saying SCO was right, and in their bests to sue and how they were going to win…you were as dead right with everything else as with this one as with everything else…

  71. By:Roberto

    Thanks Novell,
    I’m really sorry we lost Caldera (and olso corel Linux)
    It used to be my Linux of choiche I didn’t have any problems with it since it become SCO I was happy to pay for it against slackware since it was easyer and well engineered And I liked It very much.
    If only Suse would be as light and no evil with M$
    now fly with slax.

  72. By:GaDeL

    Blagodaru NOVELL za otlichno prodelannuju rabotu! tak derjat!

  73. By:Uno

    Many (Many++) years ago SCO (When was Santa Cruz Operation) was a good company, offering a good UNIX version, very easy to administer. Now they fucked it all up. Best congrats for Novell and sorry for SCO. (Should have kept “Caldera” as their company name and leave old good SCO letters alone).

  74. By:Abe

    Wow, this was still going on? Congrats, though.

  75. By:Dmitriy

    Thank you, Novell, for your amazing job to keep the Linux community a safe place.

  76. By:Jonathan

    Great news! Thank you for fighting this!

  77. By:Anonymous

    That’s great! I won 200 USD!

  78. By:stabbim

    Congratulations to Novell, and the OSS community at large. Nice to know the only thing SCO will gain from this foolishness is shame and ridicule. 🙂

  79. So glad the verdict was in and Novell has won this! Thanks for not giving in on this and staying the course.

  80. By:Guy

    Thank you to Novell and thank you to the jury.
    My my, common sense actually won this time.

  81. Thank you very much. You are definitely the hero in this story.

  82. By:Garry

    A hard-earned victory at the end of a long, dark road. Congrats to the victors!

    Let this be a warning to anyone who would claim they “own” GNU/Linux.

  83. By:Sergey

    That’s great!!! Congrats! 😉

  84. Thank you so much for seeing this through and defending the rights of the Linux community. We are so lucky that AT&T sold USL to you in the first place.

  85. By:Jose VASQUEZ

    Free is the option!!!!.

    Thanks Novell for free.

  86. Awesome! I saw it coming anyway, but congratulations! I will celebrate, too! Now I propose Novell to give them hell for what they’ve been doing!!! They should be punished!

  87. By:Jake

    Great work Novell! You’ve scored a big win for all open-source supporters.

  88. By:Nevy

    THANKS. I am now running opensuse at home.

  89. By:Nuno


  90. By:ombeca


    God bless you for all your work for linux and the open source.

  91. By:jmark

    Thanks Novell for making the world more safe and open place!

  92. By:Nausher

    Congratulations Novell!!

  93. By:Carlitos

    Great news!!!
    Let’s keep good things rolling 😉

  94. By:straim

    Awesome win from Novell!

  95. By:paulparker

    Thanks from this Australian user as well 😉

  96. By:kevin

    Well done Novell!! Thanks for defending our livelihood and individual freedom rights.

  97. By:nathanr

    Thanks Novell. With this coming out on the same day as Oracle winds back OpenSolaris, hopefully you gain some escaping ex-Sun customers.

    Now I just hope that if Novell gets acquired, it’s by a company equally community friendly.

  98. By:nate daweg

    go team! f the man

  99. By:Tim


    It is refreshing to see the good guys win when they are standing up for something just. Thank you for your dedication!

  100. By:Num Lock

    Greetings from Moscow, Russian Federation, from one of the most famous open source, freeware and antipiracy supporters of the world! 🙂

  101. By:Paul

    Positive comments from Novell about the Court’s decision and Linux itself …, followed by postive comments about the decision, Linux, and Novell.
    Sounds like a story with a happy ending. 🙂
    Well done to all involved.

    In the end … Good must prevail!.

  102. By:Reimond


  103. By:Cassio

    I would like to join the others commenters and congratulate Novell and its lawyers for this great and deserved victory. I am sure the whole open source comunity is very grateful towards Novell.

  104. By:mutlu


  105. By:aufgeist

    Congratulations, to Novell, to Linux, to free software community! SCO should be able to disappear now.

  106. By:ac

    Problem is: there will probably be appeals, and with Microsoft’s money, SCO may be able to endure for a long time.

  107. By:Rafael

    Great, now the fight begins with the bankruptcy court , the trustee is quietly selling all the assets.

  108. By:Ian

    Thank you Novell

  109. By:Brent R Brian

    This has been the closest thing to a “geek superbowl” I have ever seen. What will Pamela at Groklaw do with all her free time ?!?

    May SCO finally Rest In Peace … possibly to be reincarnated as an IBM doormat!


  110. By:tony

    Wahoo! Maybe there is hope for our legal system after-all!
    Thanks Novell! I am even prouder to be a SUSE user!

  111. By:Nick

    This is great news!

    Thank you Novell!!!!! I now feel bad not embracing netware all those years… but I’m an active SuSE user 🙂

  112. By:TechiePatriot

    YES! Thank you Novell! may SCO die a horrible death! Now would it be to much to ask to rethink your “alliance” with Micro$oft????

  113. By:Tomás

    Congratulations From Portugal
    to Novell, IBM, Open Source communities and all who love UNIX / GNU / Linux.

    Those are Great News. Thank you.

  114. By:Pippen

    ES UN ROBO ESTO !!!!
    SCO es mejor que NOVEL en Sistema operati ahora se funde el UNIX con novel

  115. By:morgan

    This is great news but it should not have been possible to reach this stage in the first place.

    A good day for true justice!

  116. By:Mark

    As a proud Linux user, I love you <3

  117. By:Tim

    Thank you Novell, well won.

  118. By:shutslar

    Congratulations and thank you, Novell. I have been following this since it started and can say that you have done an amazing job of showing perseverance and stamina. While it is good to celebrate this victory, please do not forget who you are dealing with. This is SCO. They seem to be like zombies.

    Again, congratulations!

  119. By:Logan

    Thank you Novell! Thank you for defending Linux and open source!

  120. By:eddie

    Today is a good day for Open Source. Thank you Novell for fighting this. Congratulations

  121. By:Alan Shea

    Hallelujah! Well done, Novell legal! Justice has finally prevailed. Thank you for fighting this fight for all of us who contribute to and benefit from Linux. We know it cost a lot more than you can expect to immediately recoup, but we’re all grateful that you felt it was a worthwhile investment — we all think it was!

  122. By:Hubert Samm

    What an absolute waste of time and effort…. It just show how arrogant SCO is….

  123. By:Tom

    Thank you for going the distance on this.

  124. By:AJM

    Wow! Just read this as “Don’t Stop Believin'” started playing on Pandora. Weird in a cheesy 80’s way. Still, the result with this case cannot be diminished. Great job, Novell!

  125. By:Mike

    Congratulations both for winning, and for standing up for what is right.

    I only regret that it has taken so long and required so much money to bring this to the conclusion that was obvious and just as far back as 2003.

  126. By:Gunnar Isaksson

    I am so pleased to learn about this result.

    Thank you Novell for standing up against this litigation company and prevailed. It has been a long process and a few more cleaning up might be necessary.

    Congratulations from me and and my fellow LINUX users.

  127. By:Thomas

    I feel happy and proud that I use Linux in my every day desktop use.

    haha.. on a side note, Novell’s stock rose 2.74% today. I very much hope this is a trend for the future.

  128. By:Juan Valencia

    Finally! I hope that this is truly the end of SCO, and congratulations Novell. you should probably write a new version of the zombie survival guide.

  129. By:MkFly

    Thank you, Novell.

  130. By:Michael

    Thanks so much Novel for sticking through this. Ive followed on Groklaw for years and this is sweet victory for Opensource. They picked the wrong fight. It is sad that Caldera will go down in history as a litigation company rather then for their products of before. 🙂

  131. By:José Molina Reyes

    Congratulations, from a South American linux user. Great news. As both an attorney and IT worker, I’ve been following this case since the beginning (2003).

    Thanks for all your support to the Open Source community!

    José Molina Reyes
    Quito – Ecuador

  132. By:Jack M

    SCO, Xenix, VPIX and the rest were great in their day. Too bad leadership in SCO (and some other companies) have decided on litigation vs innovation.

    The USA needs some tort reform along the lines of: sue for a million and lose, then you pay a million. That would pretty much eliminate frivolous lawsuits. (Of course we would need to phase it in over say 10 years, 10% at a time, to allow lawyers to re-skill for other professions)

  133. Que grande sos Novell. Congratulations!

  134. By:David Alfaro

    Thank you and congratulations Novell !!!

  135. By:carlos

    esto frie a SCO.
    pero como queda Linux?
    defender Linux no es lo mismo que sea libre.

  136. By:Carlos Lange

    Well done. Stand firm, stay free, stay open source.

  137. By:Ken S.

    Just want to add my thanks and my congratulations to the long list. I have been a Novell fan long before the company embraced Linux, and throughout all this time Novell has remained a CLASS ACT! It took a lot of willpower and money for Novell to fight the good fight – and in the end, the results speak volumes. So celebration is in order, with many thanks from all of us who care about Linux and Open Source. And again, many thanks to Novell for being one of the “good guys”. I know this is a company that I can trust, and that I can get behind and support!!

  138. By:Saisyu Kusanagi

    Novell Save linux

  139. By:Empresas28

    Felicitaciones !
    Buen trabajo.


  140. Wow, Great News for Novell

  141. By:steelblackboots

    I’ll never forget!!!

  142. By:Sergio

    Excelente noticia!!!! es necesario mantener el espíritu del software libre. Esto es una bofetada a las egoístas pretensiones de SCO Group de privatizar lo público.

  143. Great, good news for Linux, Novell and the open source community. Our website is written in drupal, which is open source, and so we say ‘congratulations’, we are glad you won the court case, we will all benefit.

  144. By:Delcie Anastasiades

    Great blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Cool.

  145. By:pcmaker

    Big Thanks for Novell!!

  146. By:Job

    Justice is served! Novell if you need to sign support petition from users, count on me.


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