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January 5, 2006 1:15 pm





Based on the the emergence of new open source start‑ups, Sun’s recently announced plans to open source its software, and speculation around 2006 as year which sees significant expansion of open source into new arenas, the question of free vs. fee software continues to surface.A growing number of organizations are incorporating open source technologies within their enterprises. A shift that Novell both applauds and supports. At the same time, no CIO will accept a poorly performing product because it was free. They have the same performance expectations from open source that they do from proprietary solutions. Many times those expectations are met and even exceeded. But in some areas like identity management, customers can get the best value by combining both proprietary and open source technologies.This year Novell will continue to focus on the Open Enterprise — a blend of proprietary and open source software based on business needs and combined to deliver value.

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  1. Will Novell move NetWare to the Open Source arena or just let it die outright? Asked before, but no one from Novell would answer.

    Which Novell products are now Open Source and which Novell products are moving to Open Source?


    – Duane

  2. By:Anonymous

    Thanks for asking … and please continue to stay tuned for ongoing news about NetWare and Open Enterprise Server. NetWare is certainly evolving to meet the demands of customers and the market, but it’s not dying.

    Novell’s open source involvement includes openSUSE, the Mono project, the Hula project, the iFolder project, among others. Stay tuned there, too.

  3. Kevan,

    But Novell has stated that Mono will never, ever be ported to NetWare, although that was not their original intent, per an earlier press release to the contrary.

    iFolder 3 does not work on NetWare (only Linux) and multiple virtual eDirectory instances will only work on Linux, not NetWare.

    From what I gather from Novell, NetWare 6.5 was the last version of stand-alone NetWare ever, and further versions would run in a “virtual mode”, like VMWare.

    As far as “evolving”, it looks like Novell is trying to “evolve” it into Linux.

    I have customers who like NetWare and want to stay with it, and their budgets deadlines are coming up. Waiting until BrainShare for an announcement is going to be too late for some of them.

    Bottom line is that I still can’t get a straight answer from Novell regarding NetWare.

    What is the roadmap?


    – Duane

  4. One more thing – OES Linux will be able to function in 64-bit mode. The NetWare kernel never will.



    – Duane

  5. By:Anonymous

    Thanks, Duane. Your viewpoint is definitely being heard. As you know, a lot goes into a roadmap, and we announce (and will announce) as much as we can as soon as we can.

  6. Kevan,

    When? I’ve been asking for months, and my customers have been asking me even longer.

    Is an announcement imminent, or must we all wait until BrainShare, hoping our current Novell shop customers don’t plan on moving to Microsoft until then? Uncertainty is never a good thing, especially when a company’s strategic planning is on the balance.

    For some reason, it appears as if Novell doesn’t either “get it” or care.

    – Duane

  7. By:Dave

    FYI, I’ve looked at, and while it does slant towards NetWare, you do have a lot of Linux stuff as well. Maybe that’s because Novell does.

    In any case, there is a Poll that asks what kernel of OES people are installing. The results seem to be quite opposite from what Novell is pushing. Maybe Novell should look at the poll and consider their strategic direction.

    Duane makes a good point and you still don’t answer the basic question – what is the future of NetWare?