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Desktop Linux aces school exams


December 19, 2005 4:15 pm





Novell Linux Desktop continues to gain momentum in schools, with Whitfield School being the latest example. Read the whole story to get a full sense of what Linux is doing for the school and its students, but here’s an example from Alex Inman, director of technology for Whitfield School: “As anyone in education IT knows, kids go out of their way to download games and software which can wreak havoc on systems. We considered a Windows desktop, but found that it would be far more difficult and expensive to manage than a Linux desktop. Novell Linux Desktop was by far the best option.”And in case you missed this one, here’s an interesting piece in Government Technology about how Linux is making a positive difference to Indiana high school students.

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  1. By:larrydag

    Its great to see Linux as a solution in American private and public schools. There are great affordable and viable solutions for IT needs. I’m glad Novell is helping to lead the way.

  2. By:Dan

    The PR piece from Novell was a little too heavy on the hype. More details on how the comparisons would have been helpful rather than “We considered a Windows desktop … Novell Linux Desktop was by far the best option.”

  3. Dan, I agree. A comparison chart of some sort to give numbers to the hype would be most helpful. Otherwise, it can not be considered objective in the least.

  4. By:John Warzynski

    Great little PR piece, but needs to be fleshed out with more details, such what havoack the kids cuased by installing IM, games, toolbars, and etc. and how much it cost schools in IT real money to repair this damage and how Linux canbe locked down to prevent most this extra costs to schools.

  5. By:John Warzynski


    This shouldbe emailed to all your schools using Novell software to encourage them to switch to linux software and save money. Now there is cost with every new peice of software teaching techs how to use and repair it, even the gaint micro***t is planning a new version soon that will cost in re-educating your tech staff and users, so why not switch to something safe like Novell Linux Suse?

  6. By:Alex Inman

    I agree with those of you calling for a greater comparison with Windows. I ran a laptop program at a school before starting this Linux one mentioned in the story. I used historical data to make my decision and IBM Consulting is working with us to develop a more comprehensive study which will hopefully answer your questions. I’m sure someone will pick up a story on our findings. I can give you some data. We have a lab of 18 desktops configured with the same rights as our 152 student laptops. We have reimaged all 18 desktops twice due to spyware this year and have only re-imaged 3 student laptops due to operating system failure.

  7. Here is an example of how a Novell school district has taken their Linux desktop savings one step further with the ‘Multiplied’ SLED 10 Strategy. They’re running eight full-client stations on each SLED 10 desktop in their classrooms –