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Eight Customers Give 22 Reasons They Like Novell


May 11, 2012 11:41 am





By Wendy Steinle, Director of Product Marketing, Novell

There’s nothing like attending a sales conference when you have a lot to celebrate. I recently had the chance to spend time with Novell’s global salesforce in Orlando, FL to kick off our fiscal year, train on the hottest industry topics and recognize those who made the greatest strides reconnecting and building relationships with our customers in the past year.

The annual fiscal year kickoff is a great time to look closely at what’s driving success, what our challenges are and where we’re headed. I want to hone in on one of the items Novell President, Bob Flynn, named a success: Novell’s “re: focus” campaign.

As a Novell marketing leader, I was gratified to see this campaign make the cut. But reveling in congratulations is a passing pleasure. Understanding why our “re: focus, re:turn, re:kindle” campaign was, is and will continue to be a success is the key to why you should continue your relationship with Novell or try us for the first time.

From my perspective, re: focus is more than a marketing campaign-it’s Novell’s approach to doing business. The campaign merely distilled what Novell is about, what we’re committed to and what our customers can expect. In short, the campaign is about Novell’s ideals: build great products, deliver exceptional value and nurture lasting relationships.

But words are only words. Success comes from saying what you’re going to do then going out and doing it. This is why I make the claim that re: focus is a way of being for Novell-not just a campaign.

How do I know?

We recently asked our customers this question: Why are you with Novell? The responses were like a mirror to our ideals of great products, exceptional value and lasting relationships. Watch this video on why our customers are with us. How many of our competitors can hang that on their wall?

To see our brand ideals reflected back at us in the reality of our customers’ experiences is heartening. Are we perfect in every way, all the time? Heck no. But the point is, these ideals are the beacon that illuminates our target as we move forward with long-time customers-and the road we traverse as we earn new business relationships.

Eventually, you’ll see our re: focus campaign replaced with a new message, but our brand ideals-our commitment to you to build great products, deliver exceptional value and nurture lasting relationships-will endure. Thank you to all our customers for helping us see what it is that makes Novell great and for standing up to say, “I AM Novell!”

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  1. Novell Groupwise has given me a few headaches over the years but to be honest there isnt much better out there.

  2. By:Den

    My organisation recently moved from Groupwise to a new email service and are regretting it already!