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Gates kudos for Novell customer


June 9, 2006 5:41 am





Saw this short piece in the Inquirer about Bill Gates commending the Leeds City Council for its technology vision. Since Leeds is a good customer of ours, we appreciate the kudos. Leeds deploys a range of Novell technologies, and taps Novell for the core of its identity management framework. You can read about it here. In fact, Leeds City Council was recognized by the Computerworld Honors Program as a 2006 Laureate based on Novell’s nomination. Leeds is doing some great stuff.Thanks for the endorsement, Bill!

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  1. By:John Lewing

    Mr. Lowry – I just wanted to follow up on your helpful suggestion that I contact Mr. Smith at Investor Relations with my concerns that Mr. Messman has schemed to steal from the Novell shareholders by selling Celerant to Novell insiders (Celerant Mgt.) for a paltry .3 times revenues.

    Regrettably, Novell IR has not responded to my inquiry nor has it acknowledged receipt of the message.

    I am, once again, requesting that you open and “Open PR” thread regarding this transaction as a way that those with an interest may discuss whether assets may have been stolen from shareholders in a scheme to enrich Novell insiders (Celerant Mgt.).

    Thanks for your assistance, and if I do (by chance) hear from Novell IR with the information I have requested, I will not bother you for help on this matter any longer.

    Thank you, John

    P.S. I am not asking for your personal opinion, and shall not put you in the difficult situation of having to refer to Mr. Messman in any way which might limit your career opportunities.

  2. By:John Lewing

    Mr. Lowry –

    Can you explain Novell’s approach to “Open PR” ?

    If this were honestly an open forum, wouldn’t the interested public be able to participate in setting the topics ?

    As you know, I am very interested in publicly discussing Novell’s decision to sell Celerant to Novell insiders at a highly questionable and paltry price.

    I presume that Novell would stand by this transaction, and wish to have a public discussion about the benefits of selling this asset cheaply to Novell insiders. Am I wrong ?

    What’s the harm of discussing this transaction ?

    Is Novell going to run and hide from a discussion of this ?

    Is your “Open PR” merely an attempt to have a one-way conversation with the interested public ?

    Or will you personally have enough integrity to permit an open discussion about this topic ?


    P.S. I still have not heard from Novell’s investor relations on this topic. Were you just giving me the corporate run-around ? Or will you take personal responsibility to permit and honest and “open” discussion of this matter ?

  3. By:Anonymous

    John: You’re position on the Celerant sale is clear. We’ve given you a forum to air your opinion, which you’ve done via multiple posts. This is probably more than most companies would do. The one thing we said at the launch of this blog back in September last year is that we would not be discussing Novell financial issues on this blog. We’re a public company. There are very specific ways we address financial issues with the market. Our blog isn’t one of them. So, to directly answer your question, no, we don’t plan on having a discussion of Celerant on this blog. Sorry this isn’t to your satisfaction, but that’s our position.

  4. By:John Lewing

    Mr. Lowry –

    Your position is as phony as the sale of Celerant to Novell insiders itself.

    I am not asking for a financial discussion. This is a corporate governance question and a question about whether Novell management is stealing from its shareholders.

    Stealing does have a financial element, but it is the principle that stealing is not right that I wish to discuss.

    I also wish to use this forum to get information about what Mr. Messman paid for this asset when he was at Cambridge, and how he personally might be benefitting from this injustice to shareholders.

    The fact is that you don’t want to discuss it because this transaction does not reflect well on Novell management.

    Would you consider changing the name of this blog to “phony Novell PR which hides from real issues” ?


    p.s. your claim this is more than most companies would do is ridiculous. the only reason you are not deleting my posts is due to the serious legal issues related to this disgraceful action by Mr. Messman and the BOD.

  5. By:yong

    Takes out a FRONT page ad: congratulating Leed City Council for their achievements and mention product and service that help them achieve that.

    Don’t just PR here; bring it to the masses