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Getting Mono in Second Life


January 9, 2007 12:34 pm





There’s a story out in CNET that talks about how Mono, a Novell-led open source development framework, can now be leveraged in Second Life, the rapidly growing virtual reality site. Linden Labs, the creator of Second Life, has just open sourced the client software that allows people to access Second Life’s virtual world. As part of this change in the interface, users will be able to tap Mono to create scripts to run in Second Life. Mono will improve performance over the existing alternative. The CNET article quotes the Chief Technology Officer of Linden Labs Cory Ondrejka: “Say you want to make an AI (artificial intelligence object) that responds to somebody coming into your store…or make a tour guide that’s really good and interactive to a wide variety of stimuli,” Ondrejka said. Today, “Linden Scripting Language doesn’t have sufficient performance to make that very intelligent.”

Nice industry validation for Mono….

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  1. Mono integration been in the works for a year now. We’re still not able to actually run code on it at this stage. Much anticipated, but apparently not yet ready, even in beta.

  2. Actually, what would be interesting is GPLv3 Java being leveraged at this point. Different strokes for different folks.

    Then we could talk about Python (and wxPython), Perl, etc…

    Would Mono increase efficiency of scripts in SecondLife? The statement should be qualified; it sounds like adding another tier of abstraction. I’d not question Corly, but I’d prefer not having to deal with the .Net architecture’s abstractions when existing things which are more mature exist.

    Different strokes, different folks. Given a choice, I’d want Python instead. 🙂

  3. Hello,

    Yes, Mono will increase the speed of scripts in SecondLife. The results published in August by Cory and Jim at the LangNet conference reported that SecondLife scripts ran 50x to 150x times faster with the Mono runtime.

    They have written an LSL compiler that generates CIL bytecodes, so you actually keep writing code in LSL.

    The idea is for the rest of the .NET languages to be supported as well (which means IronPython as your Python implementation if you choose to, or functional languages like Nemerle, F#) or if you feel happier with the “Web 2.0” you could also use Javascript. Or if you want Java, well, you can also use Java through IKVM.

    All with the same VM on the back.

    There is still some work left to be done. You can read the technical details here:


  4. By:Neozack

    Nice success story this one. Those tests are really good. 20-150x best performance under Mono? Nice indeed!

    What is the part they have released, then? Have they ported rendering objects and 3d libraries to mono as well?