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May 26, 2006 10:37 am





There’s an interesting blog posting from John Carroll over on ZDNet on Mono. As a Bay Area native, I like the imagery in the post of Mono as the programming “Golden Gate Bridge” linking Windows and Linux environments for developers. A key point John (a Microsoft employee, by the way) makes is that regardless of developers’ motivations for developing on Windows (i,e., many actively like it, as opposed to being “forced” into it), the advent of Mono is good for Windows developers in that it expands the market for their work. We’ve used Mono to develop a number of the cutting edge new applications on our new Linux desktop, due out this summer. Mono is an important piece of our cross-platform story, and Miguel de Icaza continues to lead in innovating with Mono (check our his blog for the Mono project’s involvement in Google’s Summer of Code.) It’s great that others are really starting to understand the value of Mono as well.

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  1. Mono is pretty cool stuff.

    Where’s the training??

  2. I may be wrong but I am pretty sure we were the first analyst firm to check out Mono in detail… and certainly the first to make said publication freely available under creativecommons license.

    Stephen O’Grady, my business partner, has been way ahead of the game on Mono and developer and legal issues:

  3. By:Lisa Diaz


    What does it take to get Mono ported to Netware so that we can get iFolder 3.x to work on Netware?

  4. By:Anonymous

    Thomas: Our Mono guys are, in fact, developing a Mono Training plan. They’re working with Novell’s training and developer services organizations to put together a schedule of public trainings. We hope to roll that out later this summer. Today, we do accommodate specific requests for onsite training.

  5. So, there’s no way to port Mono onto NetWare? Impossible?

    Why did iFolder *have* to be “Mono-only”, and why did that Mono ONLY port to SUSE Linux?

    Seriously – why? I would think that Novell’s stock position would encourage Novell to not be so “close-minded”.

    If it were my company, we’d do as much as we can, especially if there’s already a very, very large install base that would “eat it up” and upgrade from iFolder 2 to iFolder 3 without having to be forced into adding another OS in the server room.

    Then again, it’s not my company. I would not have chosen to alienate millions of customers when it was unnecessary, marketed like there was no tomorrow, and never would have taken their eyes off the ball (GroupWise, ZENworks, eDirectory, Novell Client, NetWare, etc), plus lots of other things that would have made the difference between an industry leader and an also-ran who ends up being cut up and bought out.

    As Radar would say, “wait for it!”.