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Guest Blog: The Bandit Project at Burton Catalyst


June 16, 2006 3:37 pm





Dale Olds, distinguished engineer at Novell shares his observations and experiences from this week’s Burton Group Catalyst Conference.After the Bandit press interviews and announcement on Monday, I spent most of this week at the Catalyst conference in San Francisco. The whole experience has been a great validation and boost to the Bandit project. Some of the highlights of the last few weeks for me were to work with Sarah Mees — and to finally meet Bruce Lowry in person. As a technical guy, I don’t get out much.Now I’m sitting in the last session at Catalyst. The conference has strongly affirmed the need and opportunity for Bandit. Many of the companies and individuals that gave supportive quotes in the Bandit announcement are here this week. I participated on a panel discussion with representatives from Higgins, IBM, Microsoft and Bandit/Novell. Not only did no one get hurt, but there was progress and many significant points of collaboration. There is very deep consensus that identity services must be interoperable, and we need to work together to build them. Novell’s experience in identity systems such as eDirectory and Identity Manager, as well as our open source perspective and experience, give us a unique voice in the discussion. This has also been validated in hallway discussions, after hours, and in other presentations and panel discussions. We are seeing an explosion of interest in building a consistent set of identity services, and it is very clear that open source implementations such as Higgins and Bandit are key initiatives in this ecosystem.Next week I will be representing the Bandit project on a panel discussion at the Identity Mashup conference sponsored by the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard. And the Bandit project rolls on at

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  1. By:Lisa Diaz

    Will Bandit run on NetWare?

  2. The press release doesn’t mention NetWare at all, so I guess NetWare’s coffin has another nail in it.

  3. By:Lisa Diaz

    Adorno, “portable” like Mono was supposed to be ported to NetWare, or “portable” meaning it can actually happen or the parts are already in place today?

  4. By:Anonymous

    At this point, many of the Bandit components, e.g. FLAIM and the Role Engine, will run on NetWare. Going forward, because this is an open source project, the determination of which platforms will to be supported by each Bandit component will be made on a case by case basis by the community of developers contributing to the project.

  5. By:Lisa Diaz

    Adorno, in other words, they are shifting their focus off of NetWare completely, with the “justification” that it’s “open source”!

    Well, guess what? Lots of “open source” applications run on NetWare and have been for years.