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July 16, 2010 9:43 am





guest post: Leo Castro, Solution Marketing Manager, Novell Identity and Security

Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions are increasingly on the minds of CIOs as they think about the necessary capabilities that they will need in coming years.  SAP and Novell have quickly become a leader in the field, which is why Novell deepened its partnership with SAP over a year ago.  The complimentary capabilities of Novell and SAP made it an obvious partnership, as detailed by Sebastian Rohr of Kuppinger Cole.   Novell’s industry-leading expertise in identity and security management provided the needed view into the IT infrastructure that added value to SAP’s GRC solutions.

While others are just partnerships on paper, Novell and SAP have demonstrated accomplishments along product development, marketing, and sales dimensions.  These accomplishments have not been achieved overnight. They have been the result of collaborative efforts between SAP, Novell, and SI partners like Deloitte and KPMG to deliver the best GRC solutions on the market.  This has resulted in successful solution deployments for customers worldwide, including:

A chemical manufacturer using a legacy identity management system needed to automate provisioning across disparate systems. The company was in the early stages of developing its GRC program, so the expandability of Novell and SAP’s integrated solution played a key role in the selection process. Because this chemical manufacturer also had several mission-critical SAP systems, this solution’s out-of-the-box integration was a key differentiator.
A utility company needed an identity management and security system that would not only leverage their existing SAP BusinessObjects GRC investments, but also provide a roadmap to future integrations with other SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions. Novell and SAP’s integrated solution was the answer for them.

So why are identity and security management such key complements to GRC?  Identity and security management form the backbone of understanding what is actually occurring in the enterprise.  For its part, GRC management software uses that identity- and security-related information to provide business context-giving executives confidence that network events are not putting business objectives at risk.  These management technologies are a strategic investment, so it is important to purchase a solution from vendors whose integrated technologies deliver proven results.

The Novell Compliance Management Platform and the Novell Compliance Management Platform extension for SAP environments are the first major products to be certified with SAP BusinessObjects GRC solutions.  Beyond this certified SAP integration, the Novell Compliance Management Platform is also the only identity and security platform on the market that has all three of its components in the leader’s quadrant of Gartner’s Magic Quadrants for User Provisioning, Web Access Management, and SIEM.  Only Novell can make that claim.  Not CA. Not IBM. Not Oracle.

Specific to its integration with SAP, Novell was recognized for its excellence in product innovation at the recent SAP SAPPHIRE conference in May by ERP Executive  The award was won by the Novell Compliance Management Platform extension for SAP environments and recognizes “a unique solution or technology that will dramatically impact or change the current market.”

But having a great product is only half the battle.  You also need vendors that collaborate beyond product development and engineering in order to solve your specific problems.  Because the long-standing Novell and SAP partnership also spans marketing and sales dimensions, our teams have worked together on joint sales calls to solve customer issues in real-world environments.  The joint solutions we deliver today-and will continue to deliver-are more than just vaporware. Together, Novell and SAP  deliver unsurpassed product integration and creative solutions that adapt to each customer’s unique needs.

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