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Nice props for our India support center


March 22, 2007 12:03 pm





We got some cool news recently regarding our support center in Mumbai. It’s just achieved certification under the Service Capability and Performance (SCP) customer support standard. Our U.S. support facilities gained SCP certificaiton a couple of years back, and now our Indian facilities join them. SCP certification, managed by Services Strategy Corp., is a globally acknowledged seal of approval for company support capabilities.

This is nice validation of our ability to effectively support our Linux and management customers worldwide…

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  1. By:Jeff May

    Seriously – support in India is less than mediocre. Bragging about having the best support in India for English-speaking people is about the the same as bragging about being the smartest redneck in “Deliverance”.

    I work in a helpdesk environment. I can’t count how many times I get people who are beyond frustration when it comes to working with helpdesk people in India. Sure, they’re smart, but the language accent is very, very difficult for the average English-speaking person to understand. This leads to misunderstandings, repeated questions, and very, very dissatisfied customers.

    Dell got ripped for moving their support to India and ended up moving it back to the US.

    Just one more way that Novell shows they still don’t understand.

  2. By:Bruce Lowry

    Hi Jeff:

    We’re not moving all our support to India. As I said in the blog, our U.S. support facilities got SCP certified a couple of years ago. Our India facilities have joined them. That’s a good thing. Thanks.

  3. By:James Walker

    I am going to have to agree with Jeff here. The support in India is horrible. I opened a call for GroupWise on the web on March 15th and it took until the 20th until I gave up with trying to reach the initial person to reply to the call so I just called the main support number and was placed back in the support queue. I was on hold for close to 5 hours. I actually went to lunch and came back because there were 12 people in the queue and I was still on hold. I finally got to someone and the guy was no help at all. I could tell he was reading off a sheet and did not fully understand GroupWise. Saying things like please restart the gwia, please restart the server, please reinstall the gwia, and my person favorite are you on the latest support packet. The last one really drove me insane because in the description I said that problem with the gwia was after the 7.1ir1 upgrade.

    I remember calling Provo about GroupWise calls and I was on and off the phone in a few minutes. I was on the phone with this guy in India for a few hours which most of it was me being put on hold to for him to ask someone who knew something about GroupWise. Eventually, I could not take him any longer and I went over my problem with him one more time and asked him to please email me or call me back.

    On March 22nd he did call me back and ask for the logs which I sent to him when he was on the phone with me. It is now April 3rd and there has not been a single update to the call and it is still broken.

  4. Hi Jeff / James

    First of all let me introduce myself, my name is Devang Parikh and I am a Manager at the India Services Center in Mumbai. As Bruce mentioned in his reply we have not moved all support over to India, and most importantly Novell has not out sourced support to India, the ISC is a part of Novell just at a different location. We have support centers in Capella Netherlands, Provo Utah, Japan and Mumbai, India. The Engineers in India are given the same training as any other new Engineer around the Novell world. Yes the Engineers are fairly new and are coming up to speed with GroupWise. Regarding accent, we have hired an in-house Trainer who is helping the team to improve their accent. We are also SCP Certified which is a global certification for Support centers.

    Regarding the Hold time, I would like to apologize that you had to be on hold for such a long time. Unfortunately the date you mentioned we where having very high call volume due to the Daylight Savings Time issue and during that week we really had doubled our staff but still we had many customers waiting for someone to pick up the phone.

    I also encourage that if you face any issues with the Engineer you are working with on their accent or technical issue you can call the CSR and ask to speak with a Manager and we will be very glad to help out.

    Thanks & Regards
    Devang Parikh