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Novell Operations Center – Service Monitoring for the Future – Webinar 11/17/2010 9:00 am edt


November 8, 2010 1:05 pm





Technology in the data center is evolving at a rapid rate and chasing new technologies such as virtualization and cloud are the management tools. Retro-fitting old management tools for new technology has many vendors busy as one option to existing customers. Whenever dramatically new technology options come to the data center, it is always a moment to pause and evaluate current and newly available options. The discussion regarding management tools has always centered around framework, single vendor or a mix of best in breed, niche vendors. However, today that discussion also includes open source low cost or free options at the monitoring level.

In complex, mixed and dynamic enviorments, IT leaders are at a cross road in deciding their future IT management platform that will help them:
1) Better align to the business
2) Reduce costs
3) Improved service quality (availability and performance)
4) Proactive visibility into the infrastructure

The hardware, operating systems and now monitoring are the commodity tools and can be replaced with low cost open source options. The value add comes with the integration platform that enables you to take advantage of low cost options, at your pace and brings the data together quickly and easily. One might think that if they continued with a single framework vendor, they would get this level of integration. However, these tools were developed in a different time, monitoring different technologies and it will take time to bring them together.

Tobin has recently written a great blog describing the many inputs to a value-add service view. “What does that Light Mean?”

We are very excited at Novell with Novell Operations Center, as it has future-proofed many IT organizations from host based systems, fat client, client server, 3-tiered, web-based, SOA and now virtualized technologies. It has also helped these organizations consolidate mangaement tools and choose lower cost options like open source over time at their pace.

We count on the inputting technologies to change and evolve over time. The end requirement of visibility and better service quality at the lowest cost remains the same. Where will you make your investment, commodity or value?

Register for the Webinar on November 17th, 2010 at 9:00 am edt (2:00 pm gmt) and hear Tobin and I have a lively discussion of the future service monitoring!

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