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Novell Responds to Blum Capital


October 4, 2005 2:57 pm





Jack Messman has written a letter in response to the recent Blum Capital letter to Novell regarding moves Blum feels Novell should make. Novell has filed the response with the SEC under an 8-K. The filing includes several other letters Novell has exchanged with Blum. The text of today’s letter is here. The overall 8-K filing is here.

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  1. By:KH, College Station

    Given the ongoing loss of market share, it seems unwise to support Novell’s legacy products from a risk management perspective. Better to go with a stable industry alternative from IBM or Microsoft, and wait for SUSE to give us something new that will add value. The legacy platforms are simply too viable a commodity for divestiture, and so represent too risky a prospect.

  2. By:Bryce, J.

    I’m glad that someone is finally prodding Novell to drop the dead weight and support SUSE. Better SUSE and RH give M$ a run for its money than to watch a great company stagger under the weight of too many failing lines. Gartner has put GroupWise so far down the list for years that it feels like watching an old friend waste away. Better to just cut bait and fish than hold onto a dead weight and get pulled under.

  3. By:An Investor

    This is a move to profitability, nothing more. What Greg and his people are doing increases value for owners – a good thing encouraging further investment and more opportunities for NOVL. This is not a holy-war OS v MS issue – just business.

  4. By:C Lyle

    Novell needs to get its act together before it pulls SUSE into the same pit its NetWare and GroupWise products fell into long ago. When the market is obviously moving elsewhere (say, like, Open Source) they keep running in circles around their old products. Maybe praying for rain or a miracle to resurrect the moribund products. Maybe Blum, CSLB, and the others will trim the fat and let SUSE go back to a growing line.