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Novell Statement on JBoss Acquisition


April 10, 2006 11:03 am





We’ve had a number of inquiries about Novell’s take on today’s announcement by Red Hat that it is acquiring JBoss. Here’s our statement:Novell is committed to delivering a full open-standards-based infrastructure stack to our customers. Our model is to build, buy and partner to deliver and support that stack and to continue to allow customers to choose the best mix of proprietary and open source technologies based on open standards. To date, we have partnered with and supported many proprietary and open source alternatives for application servers, including IBM Websphere, BEA Weblogic, JBoss, Tomcat and Geronimo, to name a few. We have a contract in place with JBoss and we plan to continue to honor that contract. Our approach in helping customers define their Open Enterprise is completely customer driven. We will continue to offer and support the components of the stack that customers request.

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  1. By:Darrin Pleske

    wow…that is a weak statement.

    Only yesterday JBoss was much more important than the proprietary app servers…now it is third on the list. This move effectively makes SuSE null and void…why would a company chose SLES when they have the option of buying a full stack with an app server, CFS, security model and better support from the hardware vendors.

    Novell’s linux play just doesn’t make sense and their open source play is second tier without JBoss or MySQL in house.

  2. By:Joel Sloan

    Hehe, redhat buys a j2ee vendor and all of a sudden Novell is a “second tier” player who “doesn’t make sense”. LOL, the sky is falling!

    Seriously, I don’t see this as any sort of setback for Novell – they will continue to partner as neccessary to provide the support we need.

    Novell is the one major linux player who gets the importance of a viable desktop presence, while redhat appears to want to hide in the server room and leave the desktop to microsoft. (bleh, what a thought!)

  3. By:George Miller

    If only Novell hadn’t reneged on its’ promises to Chris Stone…but then again, look what happened to Eric Schmidt. Your firm’s leadership appear to be gifted in the art of self-enrichment and little else.
    My heart goes out to the young guys like Nat Friedman who hitched their wagon to your dimming star.

  4. Isn’t Novell paying some of its ex-exteNd Director employees to contribute to JBoss’s Portal product? What will happen to this?

  5. By:Anonymous

    We’re not abandoning JBoss. We’re saying we’ll support whatever customers want. That’s nothing new. It’s a bit early to say what happens to Novell’s involvement on specific JBoss-related projects. I suppose that depends primarily on how Red Hat and JBoss move forward in their integration.

  6. By:Mark

    This is really funny, same old stuff.
    Novell this, that and the other..

    Novell is the only company capable of true Linux enterprise support and their technology is very good.

    JBoss is just another product that Novell works with and supports.
    My good its not the only J2ee server out there????

    I suppose that RedHat had to by something
    For comparison check out Novells solution range,