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November 12, 2010 3:06 pm





Novell Operations Center meets WorkloadIQ – Monitoring and Measuring Intelligently

What a fast year it has been and what a crazy last couple of weeks for us on the Business Service Management team at Novell. Wednesday was launch day for us and a very exciting time! A time to reflect as well as I spoke to many in the press this week always being asked just what this Business Service Management technology is, what do companies need, how does it differ from the competition, what is your longevity secret sauce and what makes it different than all the rest with this WorkloadIQ approach. I found this intriguing and a very exciting time for the technology in the days of mixed physical, virtual and cloud environments.

What makes our technology different, have longevity in the market and what do companies need? Let’s start with these questions as the answer is the same. Companies need an end-to-end view of their infrastructure, the ability to apply and weight rules that make sense in their business, an open architecture that insures future proofing and all of this relies on bringing a lot of data from many sources together in a real-time view from which to take action. This is how I describe Business Service Management technology versus Business Service Management marketecture of siloed, functional tools without the configurable, real-time integration and view by which to manage technology as services driving the business. Marketecture leads to costly services engagements for a custom implementation, technology leads to a Business Service Management platform to future proof your data center.

Our WorkloadIQ approach is based upon an open architecture that has future proofed the value the technology provides for more than 10 years. It’s all about the ability to configure integration and define your starting point. Some customers start with projects for monitoring availability and performance, others start with the same monitoring with formalized service level rules and others start with configuration management. It doesn’t matter where you start as you merely continue to enrich the intelligent service model with more and more data and thus capability.

There are three core components to the technology:

– Configurable and extensible integration
– Intelligent service modelling and automation
– Configurable, real-time visualization

In today’s mixed environments with many management tools, integration will be the key to bringing together the management platform that will future proof your data center. The ease at which Novell Operations Center is implemented and integrates into your complex environment is the beauty, it masks the real complexity and solves hard problems quite simply. Our customers find it to be mission critical in keeping their services available and controlling their environment with agility.

This is the heartbeat of the WorkloadIQ approach and the beauty of it is that the choice of how you build, manage, secure and measure your environment is in your hands and at your pace. This flexibility is the differentiator. One analyst firm was once quoted as saying, “you were doing Business Service Management before it was cool”. This is the coolest technology that I’ve ever worked with. Simply put, Glue and a View – super glue with super objects of information!

It’s an interesting time too with the service provider market exploding again as it did during the DotCom days. Many of these providers are one significant outage away from being out of business, is this who you trust your services too? How are you measuring their availability and performance? Novell Operations Center provides this capability for you to keep tabs on your providers as part of your overall service and on the flip side the transparency into your service providers services when they use the technology to monitor and measure their services for their customers.

It has been a great week to be part of this team and technology and we look forward to the coming year! Are you evaluating marketecture or technology?

Check out these two very short videos: Monitoring Services and Measuring Services!

Register for the webinar November 17th and hear me and my friend Tobin tell you about our cool technology and approach to monitoring and measuring your data center for the future!

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