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Saving BIG on Windows desktops


November 9, 2005 3:26 pm





The French tax agency is replacing Microsoft Office with on 80,000 desktops, according to a CNET story. The agency expects to save 29.3 million euros on the plan … that’s $34.5 million. The 29.3 million euros savings is from the estimated 29.5 million euros a migration to Office XP would cost. In other words, the OpenOffice move will only cost them 200,000 euros. That’s a savvy bit of shopping. The Direction Generale des Impots is also considering moving to Linux desktops in the future, once they iron out some application issues.

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  1. By:George

    The French Tax agency believes in Open Office; it doesn’t follow that they believe in Novell.
    A strategy of promoting Open Office in the expectation that Novell can in some fashion ride its’ coattails to a few successes seems very tenuous. With all the bleak news from all quarters (Mantel quitting, Asay quitting, Gartner apparently losing confidence ( it would be timely to hear something positive about Novell itself. Tell us why Gartner’s wrong, or why SUSE is more than a hollow trademark after so many people leaving. Tell us why we should believe that Hovsepian will actually have the freedom of action to defy his superiors if necessary.
    The fact that you’re not talking about Novell inclines me to think that there’s nothing good to say these days. Surprise me – I want to be proven wrong.

  2. By:Roger

    In the last few weeks Novell has come in for a lot of bad press for one reason or another and even now most of its client base has no true idea of what is going on. Can you please focus on these issues rather than general anti-MS marketing messages. Novell does not generate income from promoting OOo. It needs to tell use about the future of its own products and ‘wins’ that you are getting.

  3. By:Richard

    Actually, if the agency is converting from MS Office to OpenOffice, how much easier is it for this agency or any other organization to move from MS Windows to Linux. Novell of course would prefer they moved to Novell Linux Desktop. Commenting on the move from proprietary applications to open source applications should be considered a precursor for other moves.

  4. By:George

    Promoting the successes of Open Office is in Red Hat’s interest, not Novell’s, since Red Hat is currently perceived as the Linux powerhouse. There’s no reason at this point to think that Novell will be the beneficiary of interest in Open Office, since Gartner implies that Novell is perceived as a Linux ‘wanna-be’ that has failed to execute.
    It seems to follow that it should be P.R.’s primary task to address Gartner’s issues with Novell.
    I’d like to see something dramatic announced to make P.R.’s job easier, like seeing Hovsepian hire a Chief Technology Officer who could restore some sense that Novell may have some dynamism and Linux ‘mojo’, someone who might be able to rebuild some of the software culture that had eroded when management was assumed by a former textile and railroad MBA. How about Chris Stone?

  5. By:Richard

    I that point I agree with you George. Novell would greatly benefit from a competent CTO, someone who could be respected and followed by both the FOSS community and the traditional enterprise and business customer.

  6. I can tell that this is not the first time you mention this topic. Why have you decided to write about it again?