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June 8, 2006 6:54 pm





Interesting tidbit tucked into this article, which strikes me as having a pretty misleading headline. It trumpets that Windows is more reliable than Linux on the server, focusing on data regarding Windows 2003 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. But if you read the article, it reports that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server actually had the strongest performance of any platform tested, “even topping some of the big UNIXes.” But Yankee analyst Laura Didio dismisses SUSE as being statistically irrelevant. So, the headline of this article isn’t actually truly supported by Yankee’s data. And a claim of SUSE Linux irrelevance seems weird, for several reasons. First, if it is irrelevant, why would Yankee include it in the study at all? Second, there’s broad acknowledgment in the market that Novell, with SUSE Linux, is the second largest commercial Linux distributor. SUSE Linux Enterprise is the foundation for all of Novell’s Open Platform offerings, for which we recorded $57 million in revenue in our last quarter. This is a growing business for us. The accurate headline would be “SUSE Linux tops for reliability among leading operating platforms.”

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  1. By:Mr. D

    Laura Didio, Its not the first time that research fellow comes up with claims like this. Can someone please get her educated.

  2. Laura D has been on the “anti-Novell” bandwagon for quite some time. She used to be a great advocate, but it seems she’s turned to The Dark Side.

    She needs to hit! 😉

    (Yeah, I know – shameless!)

  3. By:M. Duran

    SUSE Linux from Novell had the best performance, even topping some of the big Unixes. But it’s used so little as to be statistically irrelevant, said DiDio.

    We use it.

  4. So the main jest is that Administrators need training….just like Windows Admins when it first hit the street!

    I am tired of slanted press.

  5. By:D. Armstrong

    I’ve seen so much blatant misinformation or just plain ignorance from Didio, that I don’t even take it seriously any more. She has, IMHO, her optinion already made up regardless of the facts.

  6. By:wrusman

    what strikes me are the phrases :

    “The one random element I can’t emphasize enough is I think some of the disparity we see between Red Hat Linux down time and Windows and Unix comes not so much from any inherent flaws in the Linux core kernel, but the unfamiliarity of some of the network administrators with Linux.”

    When a Linux system fails, it can sometime send a Linux administrator, who likely has less years of experience than a Sun or IBM Unix veteran, scouring the Internet for documentation or a fix.

    It seems Miss Laura doesn’t understand that un-educated Microsoft-engineers can be the cause of disruptive server running windows and they need to search the internet for a couple of days to get a solution for a windows problem, IF it is solvable at all. She states here in clear text that downtime from servers is more a software problem on the windows machines than on the linux machines.

    Education and support from the supplier works on both sides miss Laura…, Microsoft as well as Novell / RedHat.

  7. By:mad-man

    Yankee analyst Laura Didio is known for her pro microsoft writings ..