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July 28, 2010 10:17 am





Over the last week there’s been a lot of media attention paid to the City of Los Angeles and their ongoing struggle to migrate to a cloud-based application and email infrastructure. Novell has appeared in much of this coverage as we’ve been a longtime supplier and partner to the City, providing a range of solutions including collaboration and email capabilities.

About a year ago, the City of Los Angeles decided to migrate all its staff to a new, cloud-based application and collaboration system provided by Google. As the incumbent supplier for collaboration tools, Novell agreed to provide ongoing support to the City to make sure the transition was smooth and that important services weren’t disrupted. Delays in implementing the system, largely because of security concerns, mean that Novell is still providing services and support, notably to the City of Los Angeles Police Department. We’ll continue to offer support to our customer at the City for as long as it takes, so together we can ensure ongoing, day-to-day operations for all City employees.

Novell is sympathetic to the security and other challenges the City of LA faces. We have an industry-leading security and identity management business that exists to solve just these kinds of challenges, and have over 56,000 customers around the world. Cloud computing offers the promise of lower costs and greater flexibility, but creates new challenges around access control, governance and data security. In survey after survey, security is the leading concern amongst IT executives exploring cloud adoption, which is why leading cloud providers such as Verizon Business have teamed with Novell to offer identity and security services in their cloud offerings.

To support organizations seeking to leverage the opportunities in cloud computing around Collaboration, Novell delivers a compendium of solutions that fit the specific needs of the customer, minimizing painful transitions. These solutions include Novell GroupWise, Novell Teaming, Novell Conferencing and soon-to-be-released Novell Pulse that provides innovative, real-time collaboration services protected by industry leading security and compliance.

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