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Speak Up! What did you do to change the perception of Novell today?


November 19, 2009 1:03 pm





A week ago I was honoured to speak with the End User Computing team about 20Ten.  I challenged those incredible people in a couple of ways.  Here’s what I shared with them, you may choose to take this challenge on yourself.  Actually I challenge every reader to do so, whether you are a Novell employee, a partner or a champion inside your own organization.

When you begin your day, look in the mirror and ask yourself,”what am I going to do today that will positively change other people’s perception of Novell?”  There are so many things that we can share.  We don’t have to be pedantic, we don’t have to be defensive, but we do have to be positive and open.  When you look at Novell as an infrastructure software company there is an incredible compendium of solutions available that are capable of adding great value to reduce costs, to manage complexity and to mitigate risk.  Yes there are competitors out there, good competitors and those that don’t walk their talk.  We can each make assessments of the opportunity, challenge or problem and respond with a Novell solution that creates value but doesn’t require a forklift upgrade.  This is I believe a unique differentiator but it requires all of us to step up, be professional and be positive.

The second challenge I extended to that team, because it is critical and because I already know that they will succeed in this is to ask ourselves this question as we get caught in the daily grind.  Ask yourself, “is what I am doing making a difference to our customers and partners.”  You may find that this is true more than you may have initially thought.  But, if you find it isn’t, consider the prioritization of that activity in the context.

One area that everyone can make a difference in right now is in our online communities.  We’re very fortunate that participants tell us what they think.  At the prompting of one of the people I have enormous respect for and with the assistance of our communities leader, I found that folks were taking time to provide thoughts, sometimes negative, and those comments were not being responded to.  As Novell people, we all can make a community difference by investing time each week to review and participate in the communities and to respond, to educate and to help where you can.  It’s not just to Product Management to handle, we all have experience, we have expertise, we have perspective so I am asking you again in this context, what can I do today to positively enhance the perception of Novell.  Don’t wait for someone else to do this, we all must do it.  Hit it hard and hit it often.

Until next time, peace.


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