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December 8, 2005 11:52 am





Over the last few days, Red Hat has made a couple of announcements around directory technology and certified open source software stacks. These announcements are an implicit admission that the operating system isn’t what customers care about. It’s what you can do with it that counts.That’s been Novell’s approach from the beginning of our move into Linux. Some of you will remember how emphatic we were around talking about adding Linux to what we do. We never claimed and we still don’t that we wanted to be the Linux company. We’re huge fans of Linux, and think it’s a great platform. But it’s what you can do to drive business value with Linux that matters.When it comes to services around Linux, or validating stacks with Linux, we think we have the best stuff on the market. We launched our validated configuration program earlier this year. Our validated stacks address both hardware and software, and both open source and proprietary products. We think this reflects real-world customers’environments, of which few (if any) are pure open source. We have mutual support agreements with JBoss and MySQL, key parts of any open source stack, as well as with a number of proprietary partners. And we have 24×7 worldwide support.We’ve been doing directories for 13 years. We have the best apps on the market for running and securing Linux, alone or in mixed source environments.A lot of people thought Novell was trying to become the next Red Hat. It seems maybe they got it backwards.

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  1. By:Anonymous

    I’m not sure where that reporting is coming from. The Novell technologies will help manage and secure the 600,000 workstations across the NHS, but this is not a Linux desktop project.

  2. By:manuel

    I think Google started it. If you search for novell nhs in Google News, and sort by date, you will find a link to the Register titled “NHS desktops go to Novell”

    A french news site says that a “porte parole” from “Novell France” has confirmed the news.,39040745,39294138,00.htm

    Now, it is the TRUTH (in France)

  3. By:Walter Cuestas

    Well, if someone read this : I don’t understand why comments are about something different than the post, so, here is my comment.
    I don’t think Novell has to be Red Hat because a lot of reasons, but, for sure, it has to be The Linux Company.
    When I read post like this one stating that operating system is not the main concern for customers or, worst, others stating that operating systems are just commodities, I just can ask them one question : dou you know what is an operating system ?
    Also, it’s a matter of traditional services where Novell is playing for year and, trust me, is where will be playing.

  4. By:manuel

    Walter: [comments about NHS at the wrong place] ==> my fault, sorry.