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SUSE Linux 10.0 — It’s Here


October 7, 2005 3:35 pm





Some may have wondered about SUSE Linux 10.0 and why Novell didn’t make a bigger announcement on availability. Just in case there are any questions, SUSE Linux 10.0 has arrived and is available! As in past versions, users can either download the distribution or purchase the retail version. More information on the product and how to get it is available here or check out for more information on the community. Regarding what some may consider a quiet unveiling . . . . We issued a press release last month highlighting the October availability and thought that was enough. We figured wrong. To all SUSE Linux followers, thanks for the feedback. Next time, we’ll make sure to let you know when the distribution is available. In other Linux news, check out this newly posted case study about how Friendster got a threefold increase in performance with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

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  1. “Regarding what some may consider a quiet unveiling . . . . We issued a press release last month highlighting the October availability and thought that was enough. We figured wrong.”

    How could anyone at Novell look at a “quiet unveiling” and thing of it as “Good”??

    Novell has a dark history of having no Marketing team whatsoever. Once Novell did have something that worked, it was pulled because it was successful, IMO.

    Now I see that Novell has hired a different company to handle the advertisements. It does no good if those at Novell continually make such bad decisions. It’s as if Microsoft is in charge of Novell Marketing.

    And yes, I do think I could do a better job at it, as can most other humans.

    Also, how can you have an announcement of a product without having it available on the website / mirror sites? Tried downloading it yesterday, and the only site in the “Americas” available was Germany. Germany?

    I hope someone at Novell has learned from this disaster and does something to remedy it, and soon.

  2. And the bad publicity over this continues…

    – Duane

  3. By:Anonymous

    Thanks for your candid input. It is good to hear from people who are passionate about a topic.As you know, the demand for SUSE Linux 10.0 has been incredibly strong. Today, we have more than 100 mirrors serving up SUSE Linux 10.0 to users around the world. It is typical that servers can become overwhelmed by initial demand for major releases, as is the case for SUSE Linux 10.0. We have also implemented BitTorrent, an open source application designed for sharing large software and media files. Over time, BitTorrent should prove to be more efficient and more popular than simple FTP downloads.

  4. By:bert

    I’d like to side with Duane. A company who’d like to play in the field with the big boys should’ve realized that a new, ‘free’ version of their new flagship OS would require a major product launch, not just a press release.

  5. Susan,

    I was also at a Novell GroupWise roadshow presentation thing a few days ago, and when I brought up the subject of, “Marketing”, I get the same canned responses that Novell was giving at BrainShare 10 years ago.

    What specifically has Novell done differently to improve upon Marketing?

    I ask because “Marketing” and “Marketshare” oft times go hand-in-hand. For some reason, Novell just doesn’t get it.

    You should have subscribed to the “I Want NetWare” newsletter – there was a pretty good commentary on Novell Marketing that you may be interested in.

    – Duane

  6. By:Anonymous

    We’ve got a new CMO (Bill Hewitt) who’s got strong credentials in tech marketing and who’s shaking things up. We’ve rolled out new marketing positioning around “Software for the open enterprise.” We’re getting more aggressive on the marketing front. We’re trying new things (like this blog). We do understand the importance of marketing for Novell’s success.

  7. Will Novell be co-marketing with their Partners? This would be a good step forward, IMO.

    Bill Hewett was Group Vice President for Global Theater Marketing at PeopleSoft. Didn’t PeopleSoft get bought out by Oracle?

    Not encouraging, but time will tell.

    Yes, this blog is a good idea. I only hope that it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

    I guess I’m “cautiously optimistic”.

  8. Duane, you’re right, we absolutely blew this one- we are very proud of what we have done with SUSE Linux and should trumpet any new release. Since I joined the company in February, we have taken a completely new approach in delivering our message to the market, including hiring one of the best PR firms in the industry and changing our positioning to talk more about how we solve customer problems rather than giving a pitch for the particular functions of our products. Don’t get me wrong, I think are products are awesome but our discussions with customers moved us to this new direction. While the feedback has been very positive, we still have lots to do, getting all of our messaging and processes fully baked inside and outside the company.

    Once again, we blew it on the announcement and we’ll redouble our efforts to make sure that never happens again.

    p.s. yes, PeopleSoft did get acquired by Oracle. So did Siebel, Retek, Oblix, Innobase, and Profitlogic- it’s a consolidating software industry and I’m very happy to have gotten the opportunity to join Novell.


  9. Bill,

    You’re getting a bit defensive, but I guess Novell Marketing needs to be shaken up a bit. 😉

    Again, do you know if Novell will be co-marketing with their Partners? This would be a good step forward, IMO.

  10. By:Anonymous

    We have done, and continue to do, co-marketing with partners. Our activities with the big three hardware parters are here:

    We just announced an industry first blade server pricing bundle with IBM earlier this week. We’ve got several validated configuration offerings building on HP platforms that HP and Novell are both promoting and selling. We’re also doing co-marketing with smaller partners through our Market Start program to help drive open source adoption beyond Linux. This includes companies like SugarCRM and Astaro. So we’re approaching this from both the big player and the small player angle. We definitely see the partner ecosystem we’ve built up around our Linux offerings as critical to our go to market success. So we hope to leverage partners for marketing even more going forward.

  11. Bruce,

    Novell has always co-marketed with other billion-dollar companies. I guess I should have been more specific.

    As you alluded to, it is the smaller partners, such as the Gold partners, that could be mutually beneficial for co-marketing opportunities.

    Again, it would be great to see something that is not necessarily Linux. After all, there are many current Novell customers leery about upgrading to NetWare 6.5 since the feeling Novell is giving is that NetWare will be dumped in favor of Linux.

    I know of a few companies who decided to go to Microsoft rather than Linux, since finding M$ engineers and support is considerably easier than finding NetWare engineers, much less Linux.

    This is one of the messages that Novell needs to get out. Emphatically. Repeatedly. Quickly.

  12. By:Roger

    Its not just the release of SUSE 10 that has been lacking any statement from Novell. How about the latest release of eDir 8.8. The only ‘news’ out of Novell was a simple email about it being available for licenced users. At the same time the web product page and documentation pages still only detailed the older version.

    Why you may ask should have Novell focused on the release of 8.8, well its the first release that could be pitched at web hosting companies as it can be deployed more than once on a Linux system and so hosting companies can offer it as part of their product set.

  13. By:SuSEBoy

    SuSE Linux 10.0 is downloadable from the Hungarian Novell FTP server but buyable
    version is in late yet . . . why? :((


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