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Virtualization on Linux


March 14, 2006 4:39 pm





Red Hat’s making noise today about virtualization. As those who follow us know, we publicly identified virtualization (and our work with Xen) as a key next step in our data center strategy a year ago and have been very active in the virtualization space, working with XenSource and others.We’re putting significant resources behind Xen, and are the second leading contributor to the project after XenSource itself (see comment 10 below). We’ve also been shipping technical previews of Xen for a year (in SUSE Linux 9.3 and 10.0). We’ve been working closely with the leading chip vendors on virtualization. We recently struck a deal with Virtual Iron in this space, as well, to expand the virtualization options available to Novell customers. So count on Novell to have the most comprehensive virtualization offering on Linux available to customers – well before the competition. Keep an eye on BrainShare next week for more details on our upcoming Linux and other offerings.

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  1. By:Reader

    small spelling/grammar/typo error?
    should say “been” not “be” in:

    “…next step in our data center strategy a year ago and have be very active in the virtualization space…”

  2. By:Me

    For those of us not going to LinuxWorld this year, is Novell going to have any live streaming of the keynotes or anything?

  3. By:Anonymous

    Thanks for the grammar fix.

  4. By:Anonymous

    On the keynote question, I’m guessing you may be thinking BrainShare, rather than LinuxWorld. The BrainShare keynotes will be webcast. They take place Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 9:00 am Mountain. You’ll be able to access them at

    If you are talking LinuxWorld, Novell doesn’t have a keynote in Boston, so we won’t be doing a webcast.

  5. By:Me

    BrainShare IS LinuxWorld. All Linux, all the time! The heck with NetWare (what got them to the dance and millions of people still use)!

    There really isn’t much difference, other than SUSE is the dominate force instead of Red Hat.

  6. By:Javier Guerra

    Xen Support in SuSE is going nice, maturing with Xen itself. but what’s missing in SuSE, even in SLES, is CLVM support. it’s a critical feature for any system with decoupled storage (SAN style), needed if you want to use Xen VM migration.

    for me, its the biggest reason to keep trying CentOS.

  7. Emulex and Novell Showcase Lead in Xen Server Virtualization

  8. In response to entry #7, SLES10 ships the Oracle Cluster File System and Enterprise Volume Manage (EVMS). EVMS is cluster aware, integrated with both EVMS and OCFS2. Both EVMS and OCFS can be used to store Xen virtual machine images on SAN storage, allowing for failover of VMs in h/a clusters.

  9. By:Anonymous

    After posting this, I got the following clarification from the marketing guys. We’re apparently not number two overall (not sure who is, but suspect it’s a hardware and chip company), but Novell is number one among Linux vendors. In fact, based on a report at the 2006 XEN Summit, Novell has had four times as many code insertions as the next Linux vendor. Sorry for the mix up.

  10. By:Clive Bearman

    Red Hat didn’t make as much noise about this posting It seems they’ve just discovered that more work is needed than they first realized. I have every sympathy though because the Novell engineers have been working extremely hard in the past year to make Xen 3.0 ready for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

  11. By:Anonymous

    For transparency’s sake, so people know,Robert Wipfel and Clive Bearman, who’ve posted comments here, are Novell employees, both of whom work in this area. Thanks.