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November 21, 2005 4:03 pm





Novell is the only tech company with a representative in a newly launched initiative – the Society for New Communications Research – designed to look at how new communications vehicles are affecting the communications business. The group will explore how blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds and the like are changing traditional media and communications activities. The group includes public relations representatives and individual bloggers, and has affiliations with several influential journalists, including Dan Farber of ZDNet and Tom Foremski, formerly of the FT and now, who have been early proponents of blogs in the media. I suspect the group will watch the success of Novell’s PR blog initiative as a test case of whether blogging can be an effective communications tool in a corporate environment. So for those of you who visit the blog, you’re part of an experiment.

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  1. By:Josh

    Does that mean that Novell is shifting to a new market?

  2. By:Anonymous

    Nope. Just trying to figure out better ways to communicate about the ones we’re in.

  3. Bruce – does this mean Novell is adjusting its policies around public blogging by employees? Will there be ‘Novell sanctioned’ blogs at something like

    As an aside I am also working with other Novell people on setting up Novell Community wiki sites – if you are researching this space then it’s very hot right now.

    Disclaimer: I’m a Novell employee

  4. By:George

    I must compliment Novell, and you guys in PR in particular; Novell’s come in for a lot of hard criticism from myself and others who’ve posted to Novell’s PR Blog in the past; it was PR’s misfortune that this blog was established at approximately the same time that much impatience with Novell’s management was surfacing in the media.
    Nonetheless, both you guys in PR and the Novell corporation as a whole stuck to its’ principles in regards to this PR Blog; you neither censored it or closed it down. Creating a forum that exposes yourselves to criticism and allowing it to thrive while taking repeated hits is a remarkable thing, and while it must be unpleasant at times, I believe the power of this means of communication with your various constituencies will greatly benefit Novell. Well done, Kevin and Bruce; you’ve taken my arrows gracefully.

  5. By:tony

    I sure would like to see some Tech type podcasts from Novell.

  6. I’m as hard on Novell as anyone, and that’s because I want to see it succeed. I agree that this PR Blog is a good idea.

    I would also like to see some “Marketing Previews”, if at all possible. Maybe get ideas from us – those who have to support and sell it – on what is a good Marketing idea.

    I suggest this because for the past twenty years, Novell has been impotent and everything they’ve done hasn’t really worked. Those that had success were short-lived.

    For example, those fireflies – totally stupid. They did nothing to convey a message. Great commercial visually, but bad when it comes to selling a product.

    David Bowie? Could have been better. There was no real follow-up to get people thinking “Novell”. All they got was an old tune stuck in their head.

    Things like this are so doggone frustrating that it makes us scream! Yet, Novell takes the pathetic position of, “We just don’t have Microsoft’s budget for Marketing”. Neither does anyone else, but they get the job done, too.

    Ok, I’m done ranting now.