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Anti-Piracy Program

Terms and Conditions

We offer rewards to encourage people with information about software piracy. For submitting a genuine piracy lead to our anti-piracy team, you could qualify to earn up to 5% of our recovery, which in some cases could be a hefty chunk of change!

To accept our reward offer and become eligible for a possible reward, you must ask to be included in the Anti-piracy Reward Program at the time you make your report, and you must agree to all of these Terms and Conditions.

All of the criteria listed below must be met in order to qualify for the cash reward.

  1. The report must be submitted to the email account, or the web report form. The report can also be submitted through the mail to the following address:

    Marta Ochoa
    Mail Stop PRV-H-544
    1800 South Novell Place
    Provo, UT 84606
  2. The report submitted must be a genuine piracy lead involving at least one product and must contain specific, verifiable data demonstrating that piracy is actually taking place. A piracy lead that simply states, "XYZ Company in Chicago is using pirated software" will not be regarded as a genuine piracy lead and, therefore, will not be considered for a cash reward. A valid report should contain some of the following information: Company name, contact name, address, specific product(s) involved, estimated number of pirated installations, and any other supporting documentation available.
  3. The report must be submitted to us after July 1, 2010.
  4. The lead must be unique, e.g., we (or one of our partners) are not already aware of the piracy or would not have known about the piracy if not for the report submitted.
  5. The reporting individual must provide at least his own name and/or preferred method of contact. The reporting individual's name and contact information will be kept confidential by us and will not be disclosed to any third parties unless otherwise ordered by a court of law.
  6. The reporting individual must be willing to respond in a timely fashion to any follow-up questions we may have concerning the lead.
  7. If the piracy lead is verified by us and results in the recovery of revenue to us, the reporting individual will receive up to 5% of the recovery. Recovery of revenue is defined as cash received by us for the unauthorized installations of our software identified as a direct result of the information received. This may include settlement payments made directly to us or purchases of licenses to legitimize the previous unauthorized installations. The determination of whether a lead is valid will be at our sole discretion.
  8. If piracy has been verified by us as a direct result of the lead and revenue is recovered, the amount mentioned above will be paid to the reporting individual within six weeks of the date that we close the case (closing case means money recovered). The amount will be paid by us (or the applicable entity) directly to the reporting individual.
  9. It is our unilateral decision when and how to pursue a lead. We will not discuss matters of the case with the reporting individual, including the progress of the investigation, damage amounts, or settlement negotiations.
  10. Prior to making any reward payment, we will require a completed IRS form W-9 which provides to us your Social Security Number only for tax purposes and will not disclose it except as required by law.
  11. The law of Utah shall apply to the terms and conditions of the End User Anti-Piracy Reward Program and you agree that any disputes arising from or relating to this program shall be litigated in the courts in Utah applying Utah law.

For questions relating to the terms and conditions of this reward program, please send an email to

Where to call to report piracy:

US/Canada: 1-800-PIRATES (747-2837) Latin America: 1-800-PIRATES (747-2837) OR +5411-5291-8003/15

The rewards program will last five months, from June 1 2010 through the end of October 31 2010.

Public Education

The rewards program is also part of its educational effort to encourage wider use of legal software. It underscores the multi-pronged approach by the company to stamp out software piracy and to encourage business customers to use legal software.

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