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Privacy Policy
We are committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and web site visitors.

Anti-Piracy Policy
The anti-piracy group investigates complaints of reseller and end-user piracy, counterfeit activities, Internet piracy, education program abuse, trademark/trade name infringement, and illegal copying of books and manuals.

Trade and Export Policy
Our products and technologies are continuously crossing national boundaries - directly from us to customers and between our worldwide operations.

Use of our trademarks almost always requires written permission or a license. Occasionally this is not the case provided certain guidelines are followed. This will help you to determine if permission is necessary.

Most uses of our copyrighted materials require written permission. Here you will find out if permission is necessary.

We are pleased to provide links to our World Wide Web Site from your business Web Site. We have provided several hotlink graphics for you to choose from.

With several software licensing models to choose from, Customer Connections is an umbrella licensing program designed to help you spend less time on software acquisition and more time focusing on your business.

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