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by Jack Messman

Throughout 2002 I told you about some of the changes we're implementing here at Novell. Our main goal is to make Novell a solutions-oriented company. As a part of this strategy we are focusing on securing your information and identities, connecting your mixed platforms and sites, and allowing the right people to access the right information from anywhere.

I'm sure you've seen some of our new "We speak your language" ads that began appearing worldwide in January. You've probably noticed some other corporate changes, too. They are all just a part of the next Novell we're developing for you, our customers.

As you'll see with this issue of our newly branded publication, the Novell Connection magazine is another step toward becoming more focused on our customers. After pouring through thousands of your responses, we've made a lot of changes and are excited about our future with you. These changes are intended to enhance your experience with the magazine, as well as with the full line of Novell solutions. Based on reader feedback, we've designed the magazine around certain sections that you, our readers, wanted in each issue. While I'm sure you'll notice the new look of the publication, let me briefly explain each of the new sections.

LEAD OFF! is at the front of the magazine and introduces the major topics covered in the issue. Articles will often come from Novell executives and address critical issues that you deal with every day.

TECH TALK provides at least two feature stories that are technical in nature and range from installation and administration to troubleshooting and upgrading. These high-level "techie" articles are written by the best in the industry and often come from the ranks of our readership. Who knows? Maybe you will be a published writer before long.

BOTTOM LINE is about the business case. It explains in business terms how and why Novell has the right solution for your organization. It explains how Novell solutions contribute to a healthy bottom line while increasing efficiency, security and overall success of your company. This section will reveal those ideas that help confirm Novell as a clear choice for your Net business solutions.

PROOF POINT presents real world applications of Novell technology so you can see how other leading companies are using Novell technology to reduce costs and increase efficiency in all areas of their business. You'll also read about some creative solutions that you can employ to solve common problems.

FINE PRINT delivers not only the top Q&A from Novell Technical Services (NTS), but also how-to articles based on the most common issues handled by our NTS staff. Again, we have some articles lined up that are coming directly from our readers. So, if you have a great suggestion or would like to try your hand in the publishing world, let us know.

At Novell Connection, we define success as providing the information you need to be successful in your job. You can help make it the tool you need it to be. If there is something you'd like to see, let us know by sending an e-mail to

In the meantime, please enjoy this issue of our magazine!

Jack Messman, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Tech Talk #1 - Novell Branch Office

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