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by Jack Messman

Many of you have heard our announcements about the new Novell offerings leveraging open source technologies.

In this issue we're bringing you more details regarding these exciting announcements. The article, Novell Dons the Tux, explains Novell's strategy and future product development around Linux.

As every "customer-focused" company should, Novell has a process that drives the direction of every solution it develops to ensure that it meets the needs of your business. Beyond the Cliché explains how we achieve this objective.

A Brave New World for NetWare explains how Berkshire Industries, a world-class supplier of precision machining, uses Novell NetWare 6.5 to tie its heterogeneous environment together-with only one IT person. It also explains how Novell ZENworks helped Berkshire reduce its overall volume of support calls by 90 percent and decrease application delivery time by 80 percent-again with that amazing one-person team!

If you're looking for a comprehensive and secure logging and auditing solution, look no further. Soon-to-be-released Novell Audit is the result of some of the most secure enterprise software solutions in the industry. Police Your Policies explains how you can use this great new solution to monitor, track and report usage of resources on your Net.

NetWare 6.5 offers many business continuity solutions that will keep your business up and running in the event of a disaster, be it as little as a power outage or as big as an earthquake. Business Continuity is the first part of a four-part series on the solutions and technologies included in NetWare 6.5.

Novell supports the role of the Liberty Alliance Project in the development, deployment and evolution of an open, interoperable standard for federated network identity, i.e., a single, logon identity for a variety of Web sites. Find out how Novell supports this effort and offers you (and your business) more control over your personal data on the Net.

In the Fine Print section, administrators will get some great tips on upgrading servers from earlier versions of GroupWise to GroupWise 6.5.

So whether you're looking for more information on the Linux front, new product releases, upgrading your GroupWise servers or the Novell strategy of bringing technology to you, you'll find it in the following pages.

And as always, we want to hear your feedback! After reading an article, take a minute and talk back to the editors by sending an e-mail to or even rate the articles online.

So enjoy the exciting details of our announcements and the information in this issue.


-Jack Messman, CEO and Chairman of the Board

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