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by Gérard Van Kemmel

We've just completed a successful BrainShare Europe 2003 in Barcelona. Thanks to all of you it was a great event. During the conference Novell made several key announcements strengthen our one Net vision.

In this issue we'll talk about these announcements and key initiatives. We're excited to bring you this edition of the Novell Connection magazine. If you're wondering if your company should be taking a serious look at Linux, the Bottom Line article, Is Linux Mature Yet? explains why Linux should be a consideration in your future IT strategy.

In Proof Point,Getting the Best of Both Worlds, see how Acer EMEA got the best of both worlds by using Novell exteNd. The company created a Web services-based order management system that unified its business operations and improved overall operating efficiency. Find out how.

The open source arena brings a whole new view to NetWare. With new support for open source components included with NetWare 6.5, such as Apache Web Server, MySQL and PHP/Perl Scripting, NetWare becomes an application platform able to run loads of open source apps. Get the full story in Tech Talk,Open Source Opens Up NetWare 6.5.

Scaling Middle Tier Servers lets you add more resources, such as memory, storage or more servers. In ZENworks Middle Tier Server: Anytime, Anywhere and Always On read how a ZENworks Middle Tier Server can help you boost the performance, availability and stability of all your resources.

With security being a growing concern for most companies, take comfort in knowing that GroupWise can protect your messaging with secure socket layers and authentication certificates, Securing GroupWise 6.5 End to End with SSLshows you how.

Wouldn't it be great to access a "virtual office" whether from the road, at home or in the office? Now you can! The Fine Print section,NetWare 6.5 Virtual Officeexplains how to set up your users to access files, printers and other resources through a Web browser without needing your help.

And again, thanks for the feedback! Keep those e-mails coming to Let us know how we're doing and what you want to read.

We're presenting a lot of information here. Check it out. And please enjoy this issue of our magazine.


-Gérard Van Kemmel, President EMEA, Novell, Inc.

Bottom Line - Is Linux Mature Yet?

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