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by Alan Friedman

Alan Friedman The recent announcement of our intended acquisition of SUSE Linux has generated tremendous enthusiasm within the industry. In A New Point of View, read how this move will allow Novell to offer customers complete Linux options from the Server to the Desktop. With the strong software and services SUSE offers and the powerful crossplatform solutions of Novell, this is sure to be a match made in heaven. 

In Millions Served, Novell serves up an order of solutions that allows McDonald's Brazil to enjoy business continuity. By adding desktop management and single sign-on capabilities to their, already-in-place, NetWare, Novell helped the largest restaurant chain in Brazil provide non-stop service to millions of customers. 

How does working from a lounge chair by the pool sound? Better yet, doing it without missing anything going on in the office or with your team. Too good to be true? Not anymore. Free to Move explains how Novell Virtual Office adds the features of other great Novell offerings to NetWare 6.5 such as eGuide, iPrint, iFolder, Virtual Teams and NetStorage. Now you can take your office anywhere, anytime. And users set up and manage many of their own processes. This means no added headache for the system administrator. 

Integrating legacy data on the Web as well as meeting the expectations of users can be challenging, to say the least. In early 2004, Novell will release exteNd 5.0—the main goal of which is to reduce the complexities associated with Web services. Tools of the Trade walks you through many of the exciting new features and enhancements that have been added to this already award-winning suite. 

If you have been enticed by the freedom of choice and flexibility that Linux has to offer but concerned about the maturity of offerings, now is your chance to see for yourself that you can have it all! Novell Nterprise Linux Services 1.0 is now available. It's Time explains the services such as File, Identity, Management, Messaging, Print and Virtual Office services that are reducing the barriers of adopting Linux across the enterprise. 

Ximian Desktop 2.0 has combined the best of Linux desktop solutions: the Evolution client, GNOME 2.2 shell, Ximian Edition of, and a software update tool called Red Carpet among other accessories, and wrapped them in a pretty package to provide you with a solid and complete desktop alternative for end users. In Suite Desktop, we examine the benefits of making the switch and discuss why it may be the alternative you've been seeking. 

Fine Print offers two of the most sought-after tips on the Novell Cool Solutions Web site: How to run NetWare 6 under VMware Workstation for Windows and also how to enable folder redirection through a local group policy. From the rave reviews these tips have received, you're bound to put them to work. 

And we can't sign off without saying THANKS for the overwhelming, positive response and great feedback on our recent survey! Look for it again next year. But, if you have something to say don't wait 'til then. Give us feedback all year long by sending a message to And register now for BrainShare 2004 ( We'll see you on March 21 in Salt Lake City!


-Alan Friedman, Senior Vice President-People / President, Novell Latin America

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