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It's a common problem across the globe. No matter what your job is, you could always benefit from a little more training.

This is especially true in the technology sector where software, technologies and best practices are constantly being invented, upgraded, revised or completely replaced. Without constant training, the knowledge and skills you possess could quickly become outdated; however, you know you aren't a beginner in your knowledge and don't need to start over with introductory or basic classes. Is there a training designed for experts by experts?

Yes, there is! It's called Advanced Technical Training (ATT) from Novell. It's the kind of hands-on, advanced training you've been looking for. ATT topics cover just about every current product Novell has and they come in a variety of levels from introductory to expert. Don't be fooled though—even our introductory level ATT classes are geared toward a room full of networking professionals, not beginners. The expert classes, on the other hand, assume you've had plenty of experience with the product and are taught on the level of knowledgeable engineer to knowledgeable engineer.

While Novell makes a great effort to offer Advanced Technical Training across the globe, there is one time of the year where most of the instructors and engineers get together for a special Advanced Technical Training conference. This conference—called ATT Live—is held at the Novell Campus in Provo, Utah every December.

ATT Live 2006 is a 3-day technical conference packed with advanced technical classes on every Novell product you can imagine. Novell Training Services is excited about this year's conference because of the many new sessions and topics that will be making their training debut. We've gone through great lengths to offer new topics and arrange sessions so if you have a particular area you need to focus on in your job, such as Identity or Resource Management, you can pack your entire schedule with nothing but classes focusing on your area of expertise.

As advanced as the ATT Live conference is though, Novell Training Services also understands the need for more exploratory courses for you engineer-level students who might be interested in topics outside your normal job roles or functions. At ATT Live 2006 you can also "get your feet wet" in areas you might not be experts in and yet still enjoy a class geared toward engineers, not beginners.

So if you are looking for a good way to get some expert training at a great price, why not check out Novell ATT Live 2006? Every year, the conference gets great reviews from attendees who say they love the fact that Novell hosts such an exciting and technical event focused solely on their customer's training needs. Register now to attend!

ATT Live 2006
18 - 20 December
Novell Campus
Provo, Utah USA

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