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Many enterprises interested in the benefits of open source software find relational databases to be a particularly appealing starting point for their open source deployments. This is largely because the most popular proprietary alternatives are stratospherically overpriced, especially for large deployments, and they are unnecessarily complex to deploy, run and maintain. In addition, the best open source databases have stable and mature code bases and, in the case of truly enterprise-class products, offer easy migration paths from existing proprietary installations.

Of the available open source database offerings, PostgreSQL has long been considered to offer the most comprehensive feature set and to be the most suitable for high-volume, mission-critical enterprise applications. The speed and scalability of PostgreSQL make it a natural choice for transactional applications of all kinds, and its implementation of advanced database features, such as triggers, views and stored procedures, is mature and stable.

EnterpriseDB amplifies the benefits of PostgreSQL by adding to it four features that are critically important to enterprise users, but not available from the PostgreSQL community. First, EnterpriseDB is a reliable, accountable company—not a loosely organized community of developers—from which customers can acquire the database and associated services. Second, EnterpriseDB has extended PostgreSQL to enable it to run database applications written for Oracle. Third, EnterpriseDB has significantly increased PostgreSQL's run-time performance. Finally, EnterpriseDB provides professional-quality tools for use with the database.

> A Company, backed by a powerful Community
An enterprise that obtains open source software directly from the open source community suddenly has a lot of responsibility. For example, the enterprise must proactively retrieve upgrades and patches from the public source code repository and install them itself, often without the benefit of convenient installation packages. The enterprise must also attempt, via online discussion forums and otherwise, to establish relationships with the many individual developers to whom the enterprise will likely turn for advice, fixes and new features.

EnterpriseDB provides organizations seeking the benefits of PostgreSQL backed by a commercial vendor relationship, relieving them of these and other burdensome responsibilities. EnterpriseDB provides:

  • Automatic software upgrades
  • Maintenance patches with convenient install packages
  • 24x7 commercial-grade technical support via phone, e-mail and forums
  • Professional QoS specifications, SLAs and escalation procedures
  • On-demand training and other professional services

> Oracle Compatibility
A database that is compatible with other popular database products and with industry standards does the following:

  • lowers costs by leveraging existing applications and existing skill sets
  • reduces risk by avoiding vendor lock-in
  • eliminates migration difficulties

EnterpriseDB runs most applications written for Oracle unchanged, virtually eliminating the great expense and the risk of failure typically associated with technology migration. Enterprise-class features, including PL/SQL syntax, cursors, data types, triggers, stored procedures and views are the same in EnterpriseDB as they are in Oracle. Any Oracle developer or DBA can work with EnterpriseDB without retraining, and EnterpriseDB's tools will be immediately familiar to them. Of course, applications written for EnterpriseDB can also be run on an Oracle database at any time.

EnterpriseDB is also compatible with all PostgreSQL applications and with the ANSI-SQL standard. There are versions of EnterpriseDB for Windows, Linux (Red Hat and SUSE Linux, both 32-bit and 64-bit), Solaris (SPARC and x86) and Mac OS/X, and there are connectors to the most popular programming environments, including Java JDBC, .NET+MONO, ODBC +unixODBC, native C/C++ (libpq), C/C++ interpreter (Ch), Perl5 DBI, Python and PHP.

> Performance
A database that is suitable for enterprise applications must be highly scalable; simply put, it needs to be fast, both in high-volume transactional environments and when working with massive amounts of data.

EnterpriseDB is a combination of PostgreSQL—widely regarded as the open source database most suitable for on-line transaction processing (OLTP)—and significant enhancements, including installation-specific dynamic optimization, that provide performance that is generally at least 50 percent faster than native PostgreSQL.

When EnterpriseDB is installed, it automatically optimizes itself, yielding performance that competes with expensive commercial databases and far exceeds popular open source databases in typical transactional scenarios.

EnterpriseDB also includes integrated database replication capabilities based on the open source SLONY-I project that provide workload distribution, enable failover protection and allow sophisticated reporting, decision support and remote access, all without compromising performance.

EnterpriseDB provides a comprehensive toolset to assist EnterpriseDB developers and DBAs. They include:

  • EnterpriseDB DBA Management Server / a powerful database monitoring, profiling, reporting and querying tool that enables DBAs and developers to analyze, manage and tune any number of EnterpriseDB or PostgreSQL databases from a single Web browser. (See Figure 1.) DBA Management Server also delivers richly formatted reports in both HTML and PDF formats.
  • EnterpriseDB Procedural Language (PL) Debugger / used to develop and analyze stored procedures, functions and triggers in applications written for EnterpriseDB, Oracle and PostgreSQL databases. The EnterpriseDB Procedural Language Debugger allows developers to step through code one line at a time as it executes, to set and remove conditional breakpoints, to watch and modify variables, to view the execution stack and more.
  • EnterpriseDB Developer Studio / a commercial-quality, cross-platform developer and DBA console. EnterpriseDB Developer Studio looks and behaves like the tools enterprise database professionals use today, so little or no training is required. (See Figure 2.)
  • A migration toolkit / makes the transition from Oracle to EnterpriseDB even easier. red N

For more information and free downloads of EnterpriseDB's flagship product, EnterpriseDB Advanced Server:

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