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Linux and open source. It's a big topic right now in our world; and it's getting bigger. So, if you're concerned with moving your business forward, it's time you really take a serious look at how open source software can improve your business. Besides saving your bottom line a few bucks, it could mean a host of other benefits for your company. It has for ours.

How many times have we heard that we should adopt Linux and open source solutions because they usually cost less than proprietary solutions? Yes, the relatively low acquisition cost is still a big issue that can ultimately benefit your bottom line. But it's not the only–or even the most important–factor anymore in why many CxOs choose to run open source. In fact, 500 senior IT executives said, in a recent study conducted by Chadwick, Martin & Bailey, that their top decision criteria for choosing Linux and open source were reliability, security and performance. Cost, while still important, was fourth on the list. There's a long list of reasons how your business will benefit by implementing open source solutions in the areas where it fits best.

Granted, not every user in your company can, or should, move to Linux–yet. But it just makes sense to migrate certain users to an open platform with open source solutions. With Novell as your partner, it's easier to not only decide which users can, and should, be on an open platform, but also how to get them there.

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