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Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran attendee, Novell BrainShare 2007—scheduled for March 18-23 in Salt Lake City—promises to showcase exciting new solutions and technologies that will keep you on the leading edge of innovation and enterprise growth.

New Features: Start Networking Early

Don't wait until you land in Salt Lake City to start networking with your peers! Start right now with BrainShare Connect—a cool new feature that will revolutionize the way you interact with your BrainShare colleagues year—round.

A social networking Web application, BrainShare Connect gives you access to the people and ideas that make BrainShare the industry's premier technical conference. There's no fee for using the application—and you can get started even before you register for BrainShare. (In fact, you don't need to register for BrainShare in order to use BrainShare Connect.) It's simple: just follow the links at to set up your account and create your user profile.

Specify the people, ideas, technologies and topics you're interested in, and BrainShare Connect will connect you to others who list those same interests or abilities. You can access discussion groups, chat about the session catalog, plan to meet up for conference parties, schedule events on the calendar, manage your contacts and subscribe to any topics that interest you. And after you're up and running, you can invite other colleagues to join BrainShare Connect. (They are welcome to participate even if they don't plan to attend BrainShare.)

To make your life a bit easier, BrainShare Connect integrates with the BrainShare 2007 registration system. This means that if you first set up an account with BrainShare Connect, you'll have a smoother online registration experience for the conference itself. Or, if you choose to register for BrainShare first, you'll automatically get a BrainShare Connect account—no need to register separately.

New Incentives: Register to Win a Laptop

There are many good reasons to register early for BrainShare 2007. The obvious one is cost: the early bird, so to say, gets the deal. You can shave a cool US$200 off the US$1795 price of registration-making your BrainShare admission only US$1595 if you register by Feb. 16, 2007.

And this year, there's another incentive to register as soon as possible: you increase your odds of winning one of ten high-end, custom-painted laptops powered by SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop. The earlier you register, the more entries you'll have in the drawing for the laptop. If you register this month, you'll get seven entries. Register in January, and you'll get five entries. In February, you'll get three entries. And if you wait until March-just before BrainShare-you'll get a single entry.

To improve your odds, convince your friends and co-workers to register for BrainShare. After you register, return to the BrainShare registration site and log in to access your My Account page. Simply click the Refer Your Friends link and enter the e-mail addresses of your friends and co-workers. That's all there is to it! Everyone you refer will receive a unique registration URL-and for each person who uses it to register for BrainShare, you'll be awarded an extra two bonus entries. Your chances of winning one of the ten laptops will be even better!

New Space: Facilities Gets a Facelift

This year, BrainShare will still be held in the Salt Palace Convention Center, but thanks to a newly completed expansion project, there's now an additional 50,000 square feet of first—class meeting space.

Here's what that means to you: registration will take place in a new hall, making the entire process quicker and smoother. And you will find it easier to get around-there will be less jostling in crowded hallways and additional quiet corners to chat with peers or call the office. Best of all, more space means more seats for the most popular sessions, so you can take maximum advantage of your BrainShare experience. Watch for more information about the new facilities-and the changing face of downtown Salt Lake City-in upcoming issues.

New Messages: It's All Open

Even while you're caught up in the excitement and buzz of BrainShare 2007, you'll want to pay particular attention to the new messaging around open solutions. They're solutions that allow you to build on the systems you already have in place; to manage the cost, complexity, and risk of doing business; and to benefit from best-of-breed technology that delivers an edge in the marketplace.

The customer-focused solutions that will be featured at BrainShare offer the enterprise-class infrastructure, usability and security you're looking for at a much lower cost than you would pay for purely proprietary systems. For example, the software that builds on open source and open standards also saves you thousands in licensing fees and integration costs. The same solution that safeguards your data also makes management less complex. The result? You will be free to innovate and to focus on your customers and stakeholders.

As the sponsor of BrainShare, Novell—a world leader in enterprise infrastructure software-is the only company that delivers an open source operating system platform with integrated systems management; rigorous security, identity and access management solutions; and the professional services to support you from the desktop to the data center. At BrainShare 2007, you'll get the information you need about the Open Enterprise solutions that will drive your business forward-and you'll find critical solutions focused on affordability, security and systems management.

Making IT Affordable

Whether you're managing information technology at a new start—up or heading the IT department of a Fortune 500 company, you have the same goal: getting the most out of your IT budget. Businesses across the globe are using Linux and other open source technologies to lower costs. You can join them, using the innovative Open Enterprise solutions featured at BrainShare to rein in spending from the desktop to the data center.

At the conference, you'll hear all about SUSE Linux Enterprise 10, the lowest—cost, best—engineered and most interoperable platform for mission—critical computing. It's the only Linux platform that lets you easily consolidate servers and reduce licensing costs with built—in virtualization technology. You'll also get the latest information on value—added solutions built on top of the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform, including:

  • Novell Open Enterprise Server for file-and-print, storage and management
  • Novell GroupWise for core collaboration
  • Novell ZENworks for systems management
  • Novell Identity Management for user provisioning, security and access management
  • Novell Linux Point of Service for retail systems
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time for guaranteed performance in time-critical environments

Open source solutions boost productivity without boosting costs-a key requirement for today's enterprises. SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is one such solution. At BrainShare, you'll learn more about its extraordinary usability and broad range of productivity applications. It features a complete office suite, an easy-to-use interface, built-in user tutorials and enhanced 3-D graphics-all for a fraction of the cost of competing desktop products. That's not all: it quickly and easily integrates with existing IT systems-such as Windows, Mac and UNIX-so you can reduce costs from day one and use the systems you already have in place.

More companies are turning to open source solutions for worldwide collaboration. BrainShare will examine how solutions such as Novell GroupWise and Novell GroupWise Mobile Server help you work as productively away from your office as you do at your desk, achieving optimum flexibility, reliability and security. Whatever devices, platforms, styles and models work for you-whether wired or wireless-Novell likely supports them. Sign up for a BrainShare collaboration session and see how you and your workforce can stay connected 24x7-securely and without interruption-to the people and resources you need.

Keeping IT Secure and Manageable

Whether your systems are open, proprietary or mixed, you need to know that your data is safe and that you have a secure, manageable foundation for enterprise computing. BrainShare 2007 will introduce you to solutions that simplify administration and reduce vulnerability on virtually every platform. Sentinel™ from Novell is a prime example. Acquired in 2006 and new to BrainShare, this award-winning security management and compliance monitoring solution puts you in control of your IT environment. You'll learn how it delivers unmatched visibility into your network, providing an enterprisewide, real-time view of critical network, application and user events that affect your organization's security and compliance posture.

Another proven security management solution, Novell Identity Manager enables you to integrate, automate and secure access to information for your customers, partners and employees. BrainShare sessions will delve into Identity Manager, explaining how you can simplify the complex process of assigning privileges and managing identity information across all the systems in your enterprise. You'll learn how to eliminate complex manual procedures, control administration costs and enforce security policies in real time, all while ensuring that the right people have access to the resources they need.

You also need to make your business accessible to employees, customers and partners at any location and any time of day. Novell Access Manager helps you maximize users' access without limiting security or control. At BrainShare, you can learn how this partner-friendly solution works for all your access management needs, including Web single sign-on and secure remote access to enterprise applications.

And if you're looking for a solution that makes it easy to manage your enterprise, aligns IT to your business needs and helps you control costs, Novell ZENworks is the answer. This systems management suite is a favorite of BrainShare attendees, automating the administration of people and network assets—including operating systems, devices, applications, patches and other IT resources. You can register for sessions that will show you how to manage your IT infrastructure efficiently, automatically tracking devices and software usage so you can make sure you're getting the most out of your IT assets.

Working Together to Make IT Easier

You need to get the most out of your IT investments-now and in the future. Your BrainShare experience will open you to new Novell services that can help you grow your business with reduced risk and greater confidence. You'll find out how to tap into the global team of Novell software engineers, specialists who can provide deep technical support whenever and wherever you need it. There are dedicated support engineers, training and consulting experts, and technical personnel at worldwide call centers—all ready to assist you with everything from pilot projects to customized assessments and migration roadmaps. You'll even learn about specialized end—user training that can help your organization get up to speed in record time.

Because Novell values the ideas and innovation of the industry's best and brightest, some BrainShare sessions will feature integrated solutions developed with global strategic partners, including AMD, Dell, HP, IBM and Intel. You'll also learn more about the vast Novell partner ecosystem—which includes more than 900 training partners, 1,000 hardware and software partners, and 3,000 solution—provider partners. To date, more than 2,000 solutions have been certified on the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 platform—and BrainShare can put you on the path toward the best solutions for your organization.

Finally, because open source standards and technologies are constantly improving and changing the business landscape, you'll see how Novell is leading and participating in several key open standards bodies, such as OASIS, Eclipse, Open Invention Network, OSDL, and the Open Desktop Initiative. You'll have a chance to rub shoulders with members of hundreds of open source communities and projects, such as the Linux Kernel, Novell AppArmor, Xen,, Mozilla, YaST, Tomcat, Mono, Bandit and more. Seize this chance to engage with the people who contribute to the critical mass of growing, global expertise. BrainShare is the ideal forum to exchange ideas, discuss challenges and propose solutions that transform the enterprise.

New Opportunities: BrainShare 2007!

That's just a glimpse of what's waiting for you at BrainShare 2007. In the next couple of months, we'll expand on this view by introducing our comprehensive session catalog, highlighting some exciting Novell partnerships and giving you a preview of the changing face of downtown Salt Lake City. And to make sure you get the most out of BrainShare 2007, we'll provide a first—timer's guide to BrainShare—something you'll benefit from even if you've attended a dozen times.

In the meantime, don't miss a thing—open your BrainShare Connect account so you can start networking with peers worldwide. Or better yet, register for BrainShare today: you'll save money and increase your chances of winning a state—of—the—art laptop—and you'll automatically get your BrainShare Connect account at the same time. Finally, be sure to check often for the latest information on the industry's premier technical conference! red N

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