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Today's challenge is getting the most out of your training dollar. With so many training courses available, where should you invest your time and money? Which will be the most beneficial to your organization? Your network is as complex as it is powerful. Are you gaining the most from your software investment? According to an analyst report, the lack of training within an organization yields a 25_30 percent reduction in productivity.

The Novell Technical Skills Assessment Program helps ensure your staff's technical abilities keep pace with your aggressive business goals. Simply log on to to access a number of topquality exams that assess your knowledge about Novell products. These new online assessments quickly measure your specific skill sets and provide you with a personalized development plan to help you chart your training and achieve your goals. You also get a list of training resources available to you.

Each test, created by Novell training engineers, is roughly 30 questions, pulled from a bank of more than 200 and are mapped to specific courses to ensure you are tested on need-to-know information. (See Figure 1.) You have one hour to complete each exam, but most finish each one in a few minutes.

Usually, the online assessments are US$49.95, but for a limited time, all online Technical Skills Assessments are FREE. Novell has five Linux-related exams, with more productrelated assessments scheduled for release in early 2007.

For a more comprehensive, full-staff assessment, we offer an on-site Technical Skills Assessment administered by an Area Training Principal. The on-site assessment is an excellent tool to gage your staff's skill level and provide customized training based on your organization's specific needs. After the on-site Technical Skills Assessment, your company receives a carefully planned, detailed training proposal tailored to your specific needs. There isn't a better way to maximize your training dollar than to create a custom course for your staff that addresses specific needs to improve your operations.

For more info about the Technical Skills Assessments, visit or talk to your local Area Training Principal.

Whether you choose the individual (online) or comprehensive (on-site) assessment, the Novell Technical Skills Assessment helps you maximize your software investment and find the courses that will be most beneficial to you and your organization. red N

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