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BrainShare: just the word conjures up images of terrific parties, fabulous spiffs, groovy concerts and cool keynotes. And then there's that famous BrainShare bag...

But make no mistake—what brings thousands of technology experts to Salt Lake City every year, and what makes Novell BrainShare the industry's premier technical conference, are the breakout sessions. Where else can you custom design an itinerary that packs so much relevant information into a single week (and still have an outrageously fun time)?

BrainShare makes it easy, delivering whatever you need to know in a variety of formats. You can access broad introductions and overviews—to see if you want to know more—or you can attend sessions where system engineers drill down to the details. And you also have other options: sitting in on a lecture, listening to a panel of experts, watching a demonstration, examining a roadmap, or simply rolling up your sleeves and trying solutions yourself. At Birds of a Feather sessions, you can even participate with your peers in spirited exchanges of information and solutions.

Best of all, BrainShare offers an unparalleled chance to find out what's new. You get a first look at industry innovations and learn how to apply them effectively in your organization.

Do you already know what sessions you want to attend? Beginning Feb. 19, registered attendees can access the online scheduling tool and start choosing their sessions. (It's a great way to get into some of the most popular presentations and demos!) Or, if your itinerary is open, visit the online session catalog for an exciting glimpse of what you'll find at this year's conference.

Securing and Managing Your Open Enterprise
Tight security and easy management are among the top priorities of today's IT executives. This explains the continued high demand for Novell security and identity management solutions. We have expanded our market-leading offerings to help you securely manage your dynamic user communities and stay on top of the huge volumes of security-related information generated across all your systems. From user provisioning and identity federation to compliance monitoring and reporting, we deliver the innovative, heterogeneous solutions you can count on to reduce costs and meet regulatory demands.

As a Novell BrainShare attendee, you will see the latest releases of key security and identity management products. Be sure to check out sessions on Novell® Sentinel™—the award-winning security information and event management solution acquired in 2006. Then swing by the Solutions Lab to see Sentinel in action. Also generating buzz is the next release of Novell Identity Manager, the industry's premier user provisioning and identity management solution. You can learn about all the newest features and functionality in the session titled, What's New in Novell Identity Manager 3.5.

We have also been hard at work on our flagship Web access management and single sign-on product, Novell Access Manager. If you are a Novell iChain customer and have not yet moved to Novell Access Manager, you won't want to miss two outstanding sessions: Migrating from iChain to Novell Access Manager and Novell Access Manager 3.0 Install and Configuration. If you already use Novell Access Manager, be sure to attend the session on using its roles and policies; it's the best way to ensure you get the most out of this exceptional new product.

If your focus is productivity, schedule a session on the new Identity Assurance solution from Novell. It combines best-in-class directory services, authentication, credentialing, provisioning, auditing and identity synchronization capabilities. Using these features, you can protect highly sensitive information (while improving end-user productivity), provide convenient single sign-on access to logical systems and support compliance with myriad government regulations.

Of course, we're also bringing back popular favorites, such as Deploying Universal Password and Troubleshooting Novell Identity Manager, and we're offering a full slate of sessions on the directory, enterprise single sign-on and storage management.

Building Data Centers Ready for the Future
Novell data center solutions provide everything you need to build an open enterprise infrastructure, one that is scalable, affordable, manageable and ready for the future. You can run mission-critical applications, improve efficiency using virtual servers and simplify management with superior tools (see Revolutionizing Systems Management for more information on all-new data center management solutions).

Highly available storage and virtualization are two of the most important open source data center technologies. In fact, emerging virtualization solutions have the potential to improve resource utilization, scalability, efficiency and manageability in organizations worldwide. Fortunately, BrainShare has it covered, spotlighting these solutions with exactly the information you need.

Overview sessions explain how you can control costs and minimize risks by implementing Linux and virtualization in your data center. And you can dig deeper: attend sessions that explore virtualization in detail, learn about enhanced open source high-availability and storage applications, and see a nuts-and-bolts comparison that demonstrates the strategic value of Linux in the data center. You'll even have a chance to see the Novell vision of virtualization-enabled data centers, where once-isolated components are integrated in complex ways.

While the promise of virtualization is compelling, you want a clearer view of your options and potential benefits. BrainShare offers the tools you need to evaluate available virtualization technologies and determine which are best for your environment. Moreover, you can learn the strengths and weaknesses of security containment through virtualization, and find out when it's better to use dedicated security applications.

Virtualization is just the beginning: our sessions examine many key Linux tools in detail. When you join the sessions about Build Service Technology—which provides project management, dependency management, building and packaging—you will see how you can easily extend or customize your SUSE Linux Enterprise environment. You will learn how servers can be consolidated with Linux, even on System z machines (IBM mainframes). And we will show you what happens when the rubber meets the road: a case study in which the German Air Navigations Services, the German air traffic control company, examines the reliability of Linux in a critical infrastructure (where the system's stability saves lives, prevents injuries and protects the surrounding environment).

Finally, if you have been wondering what open source options are compatible with your .NET applications, BrainShare has your answers. You will learn how Mono—an open source development platform based on the .NET framework—can easily port your existing .NET applications to Linux without requiring you to rewrite your code.

First Time? Make the Most of Novell BrainShare

Is this your first trip to BrainShare? Use these tips to make the most of your time at the conference. Even if it's your tenth time, you'll find worthwhile information in these great reminders.

Before you arrive...

  • Chat or meet up with others before you come to BrainShare. Use BrainShare Connect or contact a local NUI that can give you the inside story and maybe even provide a tour of local sights you won't want to miss.
  • Plan to arrive on Saturday—you'll eliminate the headache of potential hotel room mix ups or flight delays.
  • If your flight is delayed, call ahead so the hotel doesn't give your room away.
  • Don't rent a car if you'll be staying at a BrainShare hotel: shuttles are provided, and almost everything is within walking distance. Remember, too, that Salt Lake City's TRAX light rail system is free of charge within the downtown area.
  • Keep your hotel phone number handy until you've checked in; you'll be glad you have it if the shuttle at the airport passes you a few times, bulging at the seams.
  • Don't bring extra suitcases for hauling your spiffs; Novell provides a DHL shipping service at the Salt Palace, making it easy and affordable to simply ship your things home.
  • Bring sturdy, comfortable shoes (consider bringing more than one pair, so you can alternate and give your feet a break); you'll be amazed at how many steps you'll log just in the Salt Palace!
  • Bring a light jacket or sweater that you can carry to all events in the Salt Palace; it's difficult to make the temperature ideal for everyone.
  • Don't bother packing a hat—you'll have plenty of chances to pick up free baseball caps at the conference.
  • Bring something you can affix to your new bag so you can quickly and easily identify it—remember, they're all identical.
  • As you're making up your schedule, remember three things. First, include plenty of breaks in your schedule. Second, be sure to schedule backup classes—the one you want might be full, or you might find out that one you scheduled wasn't exactly what you expected. Finally, make sure you schedule time for breakfast and lunch, which are always included!

On day one...

  • Don't bring anything to the Salt Palace the first day; you'll get a great bag and many things to carry as you register and visit various vendor booths.
  • Go through the materials in the bag thoroughly; you'll find lots of coupons and spiff alerts.
  • Locate the bathrooms and the first aid station right away—you never know when you'll need either one.
  • Plan to start visiting vendors the first day—and allow plenty of time to visit them early in the conference. The Novell labs are available all week, but the vendors leave early.
  • Check the BrainShare portal and your BrainShare GroupWise account every day. You'll find information there on contests and prizes (such as survey giveaways) that you won't find anywhere else.

Throughout the week...

  • Don't worry about dinner: you'll be fed every night except Friday (the last day of the conference).
  • If you're certified, make sure you visit the Certification Lounge. It's quiet and has computers you can use; you'll also enjoy candy, ice cream and special prize drawings in the lounge.
  • Take the chance to visit the Novell Forums experts; they're great resources for help.
  • Ask the vendors nicely for spiffs. Remember, they're people, too!
  • Drop by the shipping counter as you start to accumulate books and other heavy items; send them home now instead of lugging them around all week and dealing with airport security on your way home.
  • Have fun and make lots of new friends!

Keeping Users Happy and Productive on the Desktop
The award-winning, low-cost SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop is an attractive solution for organizations that want affordable, effective desktop computing. Some of the most popular BrainShare sessions showcase its ease of use, interoperability with existing systems, tight security and unique flexibility. Other sessions examine it from the end-user perspective, outlining the subtle differences your organization might encounter after switching to Linux workstations. These sessions provide practical, detailed user training materials that help ensure a smooth and successful transition to Linux.

As a BrainShare attendee, you can learn how to deploy, authenticate, secure and connect your Linux desktop in the easiest and most effective ways. You can chat in real time with clients, view demonstrations of space-saving 3-D desktop effects and find out how to access other network resources—including NetWare and Windows.

If you are interested in the practical aspects of switching to Linux, find out how the Novell IS&T team migrated the entire Novell infrastructure. You'll see critical tools and scripts and learn how the application was customized to meet employee needs.

Other Linux sessions demonstrate VoIP solutions, including PBX programs such as Asterisk and Bayonne. Additional sessions help you pinpoint where Linux thin clients make sense in an enterprise architecture and let you examine fundamental technologies in a clustered terminal server environment that scales up to thousands of concurrent sessions.

It's easy to test these technologies in a lab, but how do they become effective, revenue-generating solutions? Attend one of our popular real-world deployment sessions and hear about lessons learned along the way. You'll even get to see a demonstration of an NX cluster on top of SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 in a Xen environment. In this session, we host both Windows and Linux applications on the terminal server cluster. You will be able to examine the inner workings of this thin-client environment, including its robust failover capabilities.

This year's BrainShare sessions also offer a great overview of Samba, an open source software suite included with SUSE Linux Enterprise. You will get an in-depth look at how it provides seamless file and print services while connecting with other clients and servers.

And if you want to improve Linux management efficiency, schedule a session on AutoYaST, the scripted install method for SUSE Linux Enterprise products. You will learn the pros and cons of using scripted installs instead of imaging, regardless of how many machines you are deploying. You will find out how to set up an installation server and customize the profile, identify scripts to use for fine tuning and examine effective troubleshooting techniques. This session also features a demonstration of a fully automated install, a walk-through of the more interesting or confusing scripts and handouts of script examples.

Examining New Workgroup Services
As a BrainShare attendee, you get a close look at the new features in Novell Open Enterprise Server 2. This proven solution provides secure, reliable and highly available workgroup services in an open environment that's easy to deploy and manage. It meets the needs of organizations large and small by delivering essential networking, communication and collaboration services, and it combines the industry's best workgroup functionality with the cost benefits and flexibility of Linux.

So what's new in Novell Open Enterprise Server 2? For starters, you can easily deploy the Linux-based Open Enterprise Server into an existing Windows environment. Better yet, you can manage this Linux server with your existing Windows management tools.

You will also find sessions that highlight our innovative new dynamic storage technology; it automates storage management and significantly reduces the costs of managing your growing storage needs. And if your enterprise is moving to Linux, you'll be pleased to find a heavy focus on the virtualization of NetWare in a Linux environment.

If you prefer a hands-on learning approach, you'll find plenty of opportunities to practice using featured technologies. You can also get your hands dirty using Novell Open Enterprise Server at the Installation and Migration Depot in the Solutions Lab.

Taking Novell GroupWise to the Next Level
There's no better forum than BrainShare for the scoop on Novell GroupWise. This complete collaboration solution provides e-mail, calendaring, instant messaging, task management, and contact and document management functions.

In forward-looking sessions on GroupWise 7, you can explore current functionality and get an exciting preview of the next release . You'll be among the first to see how this innovative product is poised for leadership in open collaboration. The sessions also feature topics like contact management, calendar interoperability, the Outlook Connector, WebAccess, third-party application integration and running GroupWise on Linux. You can also get detailed help with common user concerns, obtain a set of helpful user training materials, and sneak a peek at future GroupWise clients.

If you run GroupWise in a heterogeneous e-mail environment, you might want to schedule a session on compatible tools. The GroupWise Connector for Microsoft Outlook and the GroupWise gateways for Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Notes can make management much easier. And if you're thinking of moving your entire collaboration environment to GroupWise, find out how to simplify the process with the Novell GroupWise Migration Utility for Exchange.

For fun, you can try a pair of Advanced Technical Training (ATT) courses that give you the chance to install and perform advanced configuration with Novell GroupWise Mobile Server and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server. You can also head over to the Installation and Migration Depot in the Solutions Lab for more hands-on experience with Novell GroupWise Mobile Server.

Revolutionizing Systems Management
The Novell ZENworks Suite automates and enforces business and IT management processes across the lifecycles of desktops, laptops, servers and handhelds. It's a proven way to control costs, ensure security and compliance and to optimize the value of IT assets throughout your heterogeneous enterprise. Simply put, ZENworks helps you eliminate administrator effort and reduce IT costs while delivering the IT resources that users need, when they need them—all based on identity.

This year, BrainShare features sessions packed with information about and live demonstrations of both Novell ZENworks 7 and the next generation of ZENworks. An "under-the-hood" session will give you the first look at the next release and its potential benefits to your environment. Other sessions will show you how to properly design and implement a rock-solid infrastructure or build an architecture that can scale to meet the needs of your organization. A live demonstration will walk you through the process of migrating ZENworks 7 to the next release, and you'll get tips on implementing best practices. Other demonstrations will show implementation strategies for ZENworks Desktop Management, including packaging applications, creating application objects and configuring server, user and workstation policies.

BrainShare also gives you the opportunity to see new Novell Systems Management solutions—ZENworks Orchestrator, ZENworks Virtual Machine Management and ZENworks High Performance Computing (HPC) Management. These solutions provide a comprehensive set of integrated ITIL-based services that orchestrate IT management and business processes across diverse server and client platforms. You'll learn how your organization can automatically enforce policies and dynamically manage, maintain and deploy IT resources based on user and resource identities. As a result, you can align IT to business processes, control costs and minimize risk.

Want to delve into advanced applications management? We'll offer a session that walks you through our best practices for properly developing software distribution packages and configuring them with the next release of ZENworks so they are automatically available to your end-user community. This session will cover some of the hottest software packages in the industry, and you'll have the opportunity to ask one of the foremost experts in this field all the questions you want.

In other systems management sessions, you'll learn the best ways to integrate Novell and Citrix technology and see demonstrations on ZENworks Patch Management that show new features and methods for multi-patch deployment.

Finally, we will present information to help you migrate to Windows Vista and prepare you for what's coming in the next year. You'll learn what Novell is doing to help you seamlessly manage Windows Vista in your environment.

Taking Maximum Advantage of Your Network Assets
You'll see a host of new technologies this year—from new client operating systems to virtualization—that promise more function at lower costs. But they also raise new issues. Are you ready to migrate? Which computers can be migrated to new operating systems? How will new products affect licensing agreements and other IT contracts? And which applications will need to be tested for compatibility?

Novell ZENworks Asset Management answers these and other key planning questions as you move to take advantage of new technologies. ZENworks Asset Management gives you a comprehensive view of your IT assets as they multiply, and it can quickly determine which machines and software your employees no longer need or use. This can save you a lot of money in licensing fees and maintenance, keeping your budget on solid ground. At BrainShare, we'll show you how to set up, maintain and troubleshoot a basic ZENworks Asset Management deployment—and we'll show you the optimal settings for your inventory process.

You probably already know the benefits your organization can reap from software asset management. We'll show you how ZENworks Asset Management maps to the latest IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and ISO 19770-1 recommendations, and we'll show you practical ways to implement them. A Novell customer will be on hand to describe the process of deploying ZENworks Asset Management and explain its many benefits. This session delivers practical nuts-and-bolts basics you can use when you leave the conference.

And for those who prefer sessions on real-world deployments, we're offering one on best practices with ZENworks Asset Management. You will hear from Novell engineers as well as customers who manage their software compliance with the ZENworks solution. This will be an open discussion, so bring your best tips and tricks for software-compliance processes. In another session, experts will walk you through real-world reporting scenarios and answer your questions about how to get the information you need. We're going beyond the ordinary in this session, discussing things like tracking virtual machines, getting delta reports, and working with anti-spyware definitions and engines.

How's that for a taste of what's on tap at this year's BrainShare? Remember, if you register by February 16, you'll save a cool US$200 on the cost of registration and pay an early-bird price of only US$1,595. After February 16, registration costs US$1,795. And if saving money isn't enough, there's another great reason to register early: registered attendees can begin scheduling sessions online on February 19. You won't want to miss out on that! For more information and to register, visit N

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